Celebrating 10 years as songwriters for Eurovision 2023 🎹🎧🎤

In 2023 we are celebrating 10 years as songwriters for Eurovision selections!! ⭐️ It has become part of our every day tasks, not a day goes by without working with music. Auditions, semi finals, finals and of course we would have loved to see a victory by now, but the best is yet to come, hopefully in 2023! We'll be celebrating with a special song release coming up later this year that we hope you will enjoy. 😍

We are extremely happy to announce that we are competing with 2 songs in the national selection for EUROVISION MALTA 2023! 💕 THANKFUL (Marie Claire) and OUR FLAME (Maria Christina) written by us, produced by Rickard Bonde Truumeel and lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss! Cowriters for Thankful is Thomas Rödin and Thorgny Landgren. Spotify 🤜 https://spoti.fi/3xdvtoz 👉 https://spoti.fi/3xlb9RW

Amazing! We are in the semi-finals of EUROVISION LITHUANIA 2023 with the song DREAMER and the artist Donata (who we also competed with in 2021). Written by us with Christopher Wortley and Janne Hyöty. 🙌 Many thanks to the whole team who made this possible! 🙏😍💞 Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3WSMsqZ

 Great to be in the selection for
EUROVISION MOLDOVA 2023 with the song MIRACLE and the artist Diana Elmas. Cowritten with Rickard Bonde Trumeel, Mats Larsson and his team. 😍 Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3YZ1XOw

Really looking forward to the TV broadcasts coming up, as we had several busy months a
pproaching artists and sent songs to around 20 countries!! Hoping for a good result for our diligent work and THANKS TO ALL OF YOU supporting us by listening, streaming, sharing, commenting, liking now and during these 10 years! ❤❤ We appreciate it endlessly!
Don't forget to make your own TIKTOK'S and STORIES! Just search for Ylva & Linda or our songs and add them, it's very easy and totally free!

We started off with a passion for this contest since we were children with no experience from the music industry. So we had to learn the hard way and the interest in cooperations and songwriting has kept us going. It made us take the journey into releasing and working with artists that we never thought in our minds.

Last year we were really happy and proud of the 10 songs and all time high record of competing songs for national Eurovision selections that we achieved as songwriters. However, at the same time we got some haters commenting "Hmm not Ylva and Linda again.." without really having the full picture of all the years, hours and effort put down for us to be here. The interesting thing about being a songwriter is that you are in need of the public opinion, views, streams, likes etc. and at the same time you need to keep a sharp focus on your goals ahead of you without listening to outer chatter. 

We always saw this TV show with rose glasses when we were younger and of course that made us go for our goals. Nothing wrong with that, but after all these years we may have a more mature way of seeing it after all we've been through. We were never interested in any charts or billboards, it was all about the music and the bubble what people seem to feel when they dive into the songs and acts, costumes and extravaganza. Who didn't stand infront of the TV with a fake mic and imitated the artists? 😂

We learned the songs by heart and tried to follow the languages and we started writing our own songs very early influenced by this. The songs from each year would be played round and round at home and also in the car when travelling, which our dad did not always approve of! 😄 We've had the opportunity to cowork with amazing producers, musicians and artists and as you know we love a good teamwork with openness, kindness and appreciation. We hope that will be even better in the future as nowadays it's all about cowriting with more people and tighter deadlines and that requires all to have an open mind and to be flexible and work fast while having a friendly tone. Even though it's going in the right direction we still feel there could be more openness to female producers/songwriters. We always wanted to be creative and do multiple tasks in music, not just the traditional expectations of a woman singing and doing topline. We hope there will be a better acceptance for this further on.

Check out our first Eurovision experience here: http://blog.ylvalinda.com/2013/02/eurovision-moldova-2013.html

Check out all the songs and performances on Youtube:

We released over 150 songs on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2uqdnmA

Wanna know more about us? http://blog.ylvalinda.com/2022/11/faq-ylva-linda-get-to-know-us-more.html

We are always looking for YOUR SUPPORT with recommending us talented artists, producers, collabs and connections who are interested to work with us and our songs for Eurovision. We are looking forward to find great team players and reach goals together. We think it's important to have the same drive and vision.

Do you want to release our songs with your voice? Here are our online offers 👉http://www.ylvalinda.com Go to our store here! 👉http://webshop.ylvalinda.com/butik/

 Photo by Café Opera AW

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Photo by Café Opera AW

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