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Filming, Photoshooting and Livestreaming with Zara & Jessica in Sthlm

Some weeks ago we decided to meet up with Zara & Jessica (former Sarek, Melodifestivalen) in Stockholm to do a filming and photo session for our upcoming songs and projects. ūüĎĆūüĎćūüíõ  Really excited to keep working on all these magical tunes that we hope to share with you in one way or another in the near future. It may not have been unnoticed that we have created a super team with the girls since the last couple of years and we aim to continue releasing music in the pop folk genre together! If we also reach our common goals together time will tell, but we keep our hopes high and a positive mind and are working hard behind the scenes. We will be sharing some secrets in this blog, so keep reading! When Sweden opened up for travelling within the country we could finally decide a date to meet, but doing live gigs is still very difficult so instead we decided to film and take photos for our coming singles at some beautiful places in Stockholm, S√∂dermalm with a view! Exciting and a