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Glitter & Glamour Café Opera AW - Finalists ESC Belarus and Moldova

Always a pleasure to get invited to Johan Carlén's sensational and classy events at Café Opera in Stockholm. This time it was even more glam when the theme was Glitter and Glamour! Isn't that a perfect way to spend a Friday evening? 😁👍💗 Sparkling drinks and tasty signature main courses were served and we had alot of friendly chats with new and familiar guests as well as celebrities. Thanks for having us and we are so grateful for the invitations and the press photos taken on these occations!   Photo by Cawa media  Photo by Cawa media We wore black sequin dresses with Long Sleeve Open Front Sequin blazers from and Sarah Shahid Designer Jewelry earrings in silver, rhodium and gold plated with American diamonds. Photos by Cawa media Tonight we also have a finalist in Eurovision Belarus - Anastasia who will perform our song "Invisible" in the live show! So exciting! There will be a slightly different more pop/rock ver

Norway Melodi Grand Prix - here we go!

A few months ago we got a wonderful surprise in the mailbox directly from the head of delegation at NRK that our song "We are as one" was selected to compete in Melodi Grand Prix - MGP Eurovision Norway 2020! After years of trying with different songs and artists we finally got this exciting chance and with one of our favourite songs of all times, so it's hard to describe the happiness and gratitude as well as surprise that was flowing within us reading this email! BUT we could not tell anyone, because it was a secret until the official release in February, ouch! 😂  Spotify: See the live performance here: We started finishing the final version with the awesome artist/songwriter/producer "Elin & the Woods" (Elin & Robin) to reach the deadline, as well as our trustworthy and talented musicians and friends Patric Skog on soulful guita