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Birthday 🍰 Gigs 🎤 Releases 🎧

This year is soon coming to an end - a year of big contrasts! Suddenly everything has been running fast again after a long period of contemplation, but things are changing again. Do you find it hard to adapt? Today is our birthday!! 🙌 And we wanted to celebrate it in this blog with some new music and also looking back on what we have done the last month and earlier this year. We are having a nice family dinner today and also a few weeks ago we celebrated both our birthday and our father's birthdays at the same time as they are quite close in the calendar. As twins we never have our own birthday celebrations, but we're of course used to this, as long as we get our own presents!! 😂😁 Our latest release is a Christmas song deluxe! The famous Swedish musical artist and musician stars Gunilla Backman with Kalle Moraeus (also known from Mamma mia The musical, Melodifestivalen and Benny Andersson Orchestra from ABBA) have released the song Tusen strålar with music and lyrics written