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VIP Art Event in Stockholm

We had the pleasure of being invited to a VIP Art Event at Strandvägen in Stockholm by Vincent de Montleau with amazing art by the mother of Mikael Persbrandt Inga-lill, Jonas Hessman and Gunilla Larsén. Also exclusive cognac Terrasson Comte Gerald de Montleau, French rosé wine and chocolate from Betsy Sandberg. Of course we followed the restrictions and smaller groups were invited in time slots. It was a great surprise and we really enjoyed this moment as everything has been cancelled since last year and we have been very careful to attend meetings of all kind, working from home every day. It was ac tually no t an easy decision as we prefer not to meet more people than needed during these times and first priority is the health of us and others.  Really nice to stroll down Strandvägen this evening with the feeling of Spring in the air! We had red trousers with matching shoes and black party tops! Tasty chocolate from Betsy Sandberg Fantastic entrance hall Art by Persbrandt Lovely loca