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Eurovision Moldova 2013 - A journey we will never forget

Eurovision Moldova, Chisinau, this is how the Eurovision journey started for us, with Inaya and the song I need you now! Moldova was looking for songs late in 2012 and had a selection of artists where they pitched songs from other composers. We submitted a number of songs directly to the head of delegation by email just before the deadline. In January they came back to us giving us a couple of names to artists that we were to contact and ask what songs on our list could be interesting. Quite a different selection than the usual one where you either send both song and artist or the song is pitched to one artist by TV. We ended up with Inaya and our very freshly written country ballad I need you now with guitars by Patric Skog and started working hard to finish a final version with the lead vocals of the artist and cover image as well as Youtube release. This was a new and very exciting but stressful experience for us and we also produced everything ourselves in just a few weeks. List