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Moldova and Belarus Eurovision 2019!

What a fantastic Eurovision week! ūüėä We are selected to compete in both Belarus and Moldova Eurovision 2019 and released 3 songs in 3 days, also the song for Lithuania Eurovision! We are also proud to announce that we have reached a collection of incredibly 40 SONGS in total for Eurovision 2013-2019! Ala Zasmenco is competing with our song "Emergency" in the Moldovan selection for Eurovision. The song is written together with Andreas Bj√∂rkman and Adriana Pupavac and is a rythmic pop etno song. On Feb 2nd there will be live auditions on national TV and we keep our fingers crossed for a place in the final.  Listen here: Live TV auditions: "A better you" is a strong pop/rock ballad written together with Simon Johansson and Niklas Bergqvist, Tracks of Sweden and will compete in the Belarusian Eurovision selection. The artist –ē–≤–≥–Ķ–Ĺ–ł–Ļ –Ē–ĺ–Ľ–ł—á will perform the song in the live aud

Fadimegalan, charity gala for human rights and theatre at Dramaten

For the second year in a row we were invited to Fadimegalan at Berns salonger in Stockholm, a charity gala for human rights against honor related violence supporting women who are victims in cooperation with the organisation GAPF. A very important subject that we want to support.  Press photo by Roja Studios. The gala was arranged by Erwik Communications with an impressive lineup of artists for the show; Loreen, Tommy K√∂rberg, Lisa Nilsson, Helin Aro, Dilba, ​Helena Bergstr√∂m, Malin Mases Arvidsson, Bahar Pars etc.  There was an amazing show with speaches and music entertainment for the invited guests as well as non alcoholic drinks and fruits and we had a great time meeting up with old and new faces. Last year we acted as volunteers and event hostesses hosting guests, artists and press, supporting and helping at the reception which was both a big honour and a big challenge. Today we had red tights, black coats and crop tops from . If you want to

Serbia, Lithuania and Latvia Eurovision 2019!

Amazing news this week! We have been selected to compete with 2 new songs in national selections for Eurovision in Serbia and Lithuania 2019! Valerija Illjinaite is competing with our song "Scars are beautiful" in the Lithuanian selection for Eurovision. The song is written together with John Matthews and Charlie Mason and is a strong and dynamic ballad. A music video and the song is released next week and on Sat Feb 2 the song will be broadcasted on national TV for Eurovision. Two years ago we also competed with Valeriija in the Lithuanian selection but with the group Varieté and the song My story. That year we sent songs to the selection and TV did the match of the artist and song. This year we contacted Valerija and she choose one of our songs and submitted the demo. We found out she was selected but it was not recorded with her voice until now, so we've been working at the last minute with a few obstacles on the way before it was decided that it would take part. Af