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Happy Summer - New releases! 🌼🌸🍓🌞

Summer is here - let the sunshine in and enjoy! 🌞 Is this the best time of year for you or do you prefer cooler weather? Are you going somewhere this year or staying home? Working or on a leave? 🌼 We're taking some weeks off both from our regular jobs and also the music to spend more time with family in a lower pace. There will be some travelling within Sweden, seeing new places and enjoying the holidays. Then we'll see what comes up and what feels interesting and safe to do. This year we'll probably do less music activities than normal and it actually feels pretty good as we've been working nonstop with different projects. The last few years have been busy also during the Summers and sometimes it's good to give yourself some extra space. The photos taken are from the scenes where we are droning and filming a surprise for you that will come later this year. A new style of music and new ways of filming that we really enjoy doing and hope you will follow and like to