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Det hjärta som blöder - Zara & Jessica - Release and Livestream

We are happy to present our new release with Zara & Jessica (former Sarek, Melodifestivalen) "Det hjärta som blöder" (Bleading heart) that is out on all platforms published by Twinflame and W Records!  Spotify: The song is about saying goodbye, which hurts when a heart breaks, but it's all good and will be ok! Written and produced together with the girls and Jonas Nilsson as well as the violinist Danne married to Jessica. It all started with an idea from Jessica and we did a cowrite and involved musicians and producers to finalize. This has become a way of working for us, one of us has an idea and then we add layers and put it together which is a great collab! This time we also involved Westin productions for management and release to aim higher and we are planning for more songs coming soon, so stay tuned!  The video we produced is a cooperation between local companies in Kristianstad and Östersund where Zara and Jessica lives and

Finalists in P4 Nästa Stockholm and Kalmar

Fantastic news to be finalists in the Swedish radio competition P4 Nästa with 2 songs, in Stockholm and Kalmar! 👍😊 The voting is open until June 5 in Stockholm and June 1 in Kalmar and you can send 10 SMS votes for each song!   G Curtis, Say you don't feel love: 💗 Spotify: It all started with a song idea from Greg and a meeting a couple of years ago when we met for a session and recorded a few other songs in our studio. We got the idea to do a cowrite for Say you don't feel love and aim for P4 Nästa, so we worked on the melody, lyrics and arrangements/pre production and involved the producer Rickard Bonde Trumeel to finalize. Also Erik Lewander was involved as songwriter and producer from the start. After months of work and waiting, we finally found out that it was secretly selected when Swedish Radio Stockholm called Greg and us and said we are one of 5 finalists. Such amazing news! Greg was really taken by surprise and we urgently released