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Back again in Minsk with 2 songs in the final!

So happy to be back in Minsk and Belarus and very proud to take part with 2 SONGS in the final of only 10 songs with the great artists Janet and Tasha and the songs Supernova and Giving up your love! The plane left the same day as Christmas Eve in Sweden so this year we had to chose between family or Eurovision which was not an easy decision. It was a rush being backing vocals to two songs on stage and to manage all the rehearsals and having time to eat and sleep in between in only 3 days. We were lucky to get a drive from both artists from the hotel so we could manage the tight schedule. The live performances in the studio was an awesome experience as well as meeting new and exciting people in the lovely town Minsk. We did not get the same position as last year unfortunately, but for us it was a big achievement to be able to do backing vocals on two songs in the same final. Janet - Жанет - Supernova - Eurovision Belarus 2015 Tas