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Vinterpride Lillehammer 2021 - Light it up ❤️💛💚💙💜

Happy Vinterpride Friends! ❤️💛💚💙💜 So amazing to share the official Pride song for Vinterpride Lillehammer 2021 - Light it up, with the artist Rune Nathaniel! Out on Spotify and Youtube today with the message #lovemeltsice! The festival will be held digitally this year on February 24-28 in Norway with live acts, talks, parade and quiz and we are hoping for a huge success and also TV and radio performances. Be sure not to miss out the festival on Facebook and Instagram and thanks for sharing, liking, commenting to spread the word! 👉 We started this project already before the Summer when we came in contact with the head of delegation for Vinterpride and got the opportunity to work together for a song and in cooperation with the wonderful Norwegian artist Rune, our producer Rickard Bonde Truumeel and violinist Stefan Lindström. We're proud to be able to present the song in both radio edit, 80's remix by NeverMann and a house remix by Berchi as well as

Eurovision 2021 - Lithuania here we go!

After a pretty rough 2020 with many cancellations and few opportunities when it comes to Eurovision, we got a great start of 2021 being selected for Eurovision Lithuania! 💖 This time with one of our soul ballads "The Way I Am" with the great artist Donata!  This is often the best time of the year when it comes to music and Eurovision for us. We get to release a lot of great new great songs and focus on our passion! 💪💖 For those of you who already followed us we have competed as songwriters with over 40 songs in 18 countries since 2013 and last year we had as many as 7 songs in national selections, being a high score. We reached Norway as a new Nordic country, which was a milestone for us. Usually Moldova and Belarus are familiar countries where we have songs almost every year, but as 20 countries pick the same artists as last year for 2021 you can imagine there are not so many chances for a songwriter focusing on Eurovision. 😞 We actually thought we would end up with zero