Vinterpride Lillehammer 2021 - Light it up ❤️💛💚💙💜

Happy Vinterpride Friends! ❤️💛💚💙💜 So amazing to share the official Pride song for Vinterpride Lillehammer 2021 - Light it up, with the artist Rune Nathaniel! Out on Spotify and Youtube today with the message #lovemeltsice! The festival will be held digitally this year on February 24-28 in Norway with live acts, talks, parade and quiz and we are hoping for a huge success and also TV and radio performances. Be sure not to miss out the festival on Facebook and Instagram and thanks for sharing, liking, commenting to spread the word! 👉

We started this project already before the Summer when we came in contact with the head of delegation for Vinterpride and got the opportunity to work together for a song and in cooperation with the wonderful Norwegian artist Rune, our producer Rickard Bonde Truumeel and violinist Stefan Lindström. We're proud to be able to present the song in both radio edit, 80's remix by NeverMann and a house remix by Berchi as well as a full video in the theme of Pride, lights, bubble bath, dancing, disco, love that we produced and edited, film clips by Alexander F C Johansen.

It's been a reccurent theme for us to do Pride songs and we are really happy that we released several official songs earlier and also got to take part in Stockholm Pride digital festival last Summer with a new song and live performance, Courageous with Alex Falk. 

Equal rights is something we believe in and fight for alot and it can resonate with many people and that is probably a reason why our songs work well for Pride! It's always more interesting to share a message in songs and we hope that the vibe in this music can lead to "love melting ice" and that stand up for what we believe in! 

We started working with Rune several years ago and released a couple of songs already; "Light up my life", "Awakening" and "Still alive" out on Spotify and we also competed in song competitions like Canzoni dal mondo in Italy and have a great connection and cooperation. He already performed on other Pride events in Norway so it was about time that we finally got to do an official song together and it was not a difficult choice to decide Rune as the artist for Vinterpride for Norway! 

Check out a snippet of the song in our own Ylva-Linda version too! Hope you like it

Here are our earlier Pride songs from Rekjavik, Malmö, Copenhage and USA with artists from Eurovision and Idol! The version with Justin Utley has over 500 000 views which is amazing!


Do you want to cooperate in music? Check out our offers of Youtube song release including vocal editing, mix and artwork.

Thanks for following, liking, commenting, sharing! Love you guys!



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