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Making plans for new release and fashion-music-art event

Last Friday we had a great session and meetup with the upcoming artist Aron Promnitz working in the Twinflame Studio at our latest release of the power ballad Revival. It will soon be out on Youtube and Spotify and while waiting please have a sneakpeak at the video below. Aron is a big Eurovision fan like ourselves and he is well known from the OGAE vision song contest and also did the auditions for Swedish Idol.   Today we started making plans with Aron and the designer Åke for a great fashion-art-music event and release party that will be held in November in the fabulous studio Oldenstedt & Co in Stockholm! You will be able to listen to live music and the new song Revival with Aron and us as well as other surprises combined with fashion, jewellery, hair and makeup and art! It will be an exciting evening that you don't want to miss! Watch out for the facebook invitation in the coming weeks and we hope you want to join us?   Check out our webshop and offers for

Live TV broadcast Malta Junior Eurovision

Awesome live performance tonight at Malta Junior Eurovision with our song "Back to my freedom" with the artist Thea Aquilina! Great dancers showing the theme of how to find your freedom from bullying and Thea wearing a skirt with phrases pointing to this important subject. The song is out on Youtube and will soon be out on Spotify. We are very happy being selected as one of the 16 contestants knowing that all other songs had native songwriters and some even sent as much as 7 songs! We worked hard and stressed to finish 3 songs during just a couple of weeks, finding artists and cooperations and this is the result of that effort.   Music, lyrics, production: Thea Aquilina, Ylva & Linda Persson, Bruce R. F. Smith, Rickard Bonde Truumeel Watch and listen to the lyric video of Back to my freedom in an original version with Ylva & Linda. Check out our webshop and offers for DIGITAL RELEASE, A&R, SONGWRITING here: http://ylvalinda.tictail

Vernissage Underb.ART

How about some art, drinks, snacks and music on a normal but unusually warm September Wednesday in Stockholm? 😊 We went straight from our regular jobs to quickly fix some makeup and dressed in black jumpsuits with embroideries that we also wore at the performance of Eurovision Belarus in Minsk some years ago. On top of that our favourite red blazers from Pink Boutique ! Ylva and Linda are out networking again! 😃👍👄   Invited to a vernissage by Erwik Communications to the intimate art store Ramdesign at Sankt Eriksgatan in Stockholm we could see the masterpieces of the artist Pernilla Pramberg in bright colours. Luckily there were alot of drinks to cool down in this hot but small gallery and so great to see alot of new and familiar faces. Refreshingly we were invited to see the other side of the street and the cool, blue club Klubb BLÅ well worth a visit! There were also opera music with Hedda Hoper and piano music with Okiem. Check out our webshop a