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FAQ Ylva & Linda - Get to know us more! 🙌 🙌

Many of you are asking us WHO WE ARE (despite numerous of social media posts that we add every week 😅) so we decided to add a blog about it and also feature some of our latest releases and events! Photo: CafĂ© Opera AW We are a twin duo from Stockholm, Sweden - songwriters and singers - who started off as big Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fans since we were young! We have successfully competed in national selections to Eurovision since 10 years in 18 countries with around 60 songs and we  took the  11th places i Melodifestivalens webjoker . We did 150 digital song releases with a cclaimed artists from Melodifestivalen / Sweden's got Talent / Swedish Idol , for TV4 Nyhetsmorgon , TV4 Bingolotto , SVT Lilla Aktuellt , wrote official songs for  charity against bullying and child abuse , theme song for SVT, film music for  Cannes and Sthlm filmfestival We were winners of Sami Grand Prix 2022 , winners of Swedish radio P4 NĂ€sta Kristianstad and VĂ€stmanland , winners of  Home Composed