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Year in review 2020

2020 in review! This year is coming to an end and it has been a very different year for us and probably for most of you reading this too. We wanted to highlight all the amazing opportunities given and goals reached despite the panademic and we hope you want to keep reading. 👍💖The year started out great with as much as 7 songs for Eurovision, a highscore and also a new Nordic country - Norway! We released almost 70 Youtube videos ( ) with over 1,3 million views in totalt, almost 2000 new subscribers + 21 singles on Spotify ( ) and iTunes. Our music was played alot at Swedish radio P2, P4 and local stations, and also SVT1, TV4 Barnkanalen, Kunskapskanalen. For several years we have approached and worked hard for Swedish TV and finally we got the chance to sing one of our cowritten songs live as backing vocalists at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon as well as doing a livestream for Pride Stockholm, which were milestones for us. Of cours

New releases - Bättre - Zara & Jessica, Masquerade - Björta

Really excited to share two new magical releases with you that we have been working on for quite some time! 👍💙💛💗 Very different genres and styles as you can see on the covers, which we hope will catch your interest even more! 😃 Today our new song "Bättre" 👉 with the amazing Mello stars Zara & Jessica will be out on all platforms, so please listen, share, comment and like to support! This time we are working for a special cause in cooperation with the organization "Attention" supporting their work with neuropsychiatric disabilities. It may not have been unnoticed that we have created a super team with the girls since the last couple of years where we have released several successful singles in the pop folk genre! We usually work in cowrites with the girls and so was also the case with this song, where Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Danne Sjöberg also joined the team. The song has already been played on Swedish Radio P4 Krist

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon - New single - Rock The World - Gladys del Pilar

This morning we were early birds, setting the alarm in the middle of the night and practising singing to do something really exciting that we have been waiting for such a long time! To perform  a song as songwriters live at Swedish TV! 😍 We got the opportunity to reach a big milestone and sing the coproduced single "Rock the world" with the big Mello star Gladys del Pilar at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon that was planned just a few weeks back!! Yahoo! 🙋🙋 Check out the TV performance on TV4 and the single on Spotify → and Youtube!    Music, lyrics:  Kevin Borg & Benny Jansson, Gladys del Pilar Producers: Ylva Linda & Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Jonas Ekdahl. Photo and logo: Karin Törnblom, Stephannie Del Pilar. Cover art: Ylva & Linda Live TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Our journey to sing our own (cowritten) song on Swedish TV has not been straight or short, very much the opposite and it is probably not that easy to understand f

Pride Festival Stockholm and New single Courageous ❤️💛💚💙💜

Happy Pride Everyone! ❤️💛💚💙💜 So wonderful to share our latest Pride single with you, COURAGEOUS with the amazing artist Alex Falk with huge experience from musicals, bands, TV, Idol and Wallmans! On top of the release we got the opportunity to perform it live on the Pride Festival in Stockholm, a dream come true for us! Check out the Stockholm Pride Gala Night Stage Stream here on Aftonbladet.   Here is the single on Spotify produced together with Rickard Bonde Truumeel: Spotify ► Lyric video on Youtube  Fantastic stage and on set with one of the best teams in Sweden Livestream on Youtube We had an exciting day starting with rehearsals during the afternoon, doing makeup and preparing with costumes for the live stream in the evening when we went back to perform. We also did some modelling for makeup! We believe in equal ri

Filming, Photoshooting and Livestreaming with Zara & Jessica in Sthlm

Some weeks ago we decided to meet up with Zara & Jessica (former Sarek, Melodifestivalen) in Stockholm to do a filming and photo session for our upcoming songs and projects. 👌👍💛  Really excited to keep working on all these magical tunes that we hope to share with you in one way or another in the near future. It may not have been unnoticed that we have created a super team with the girls since the last couple of years and we aim to continue releasing music in the pop folk genre together! If we also reach our common goals together time will tell, but we keep our hopes high and a positive mind and are working hard behind the scenes. We will be sharing some secrets in this blog, so keep reading! When Sweden opened up for travelling within the country we could finally decide a date to meet, but doing live gigs is still very difficult so instead we decided to film and take photos for our coming singles at some beautiful places in Stockholm, Södermalm with a view! Exciting and a