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Hello Summer 🌞🍓💛💙 New releases!

Hello Summer, Hello Sunshine, take the stress away! 🌞 😅 The lyrics from our song with the same name about the Summer that you can use in your posts on Tiktok, Insta and FB! How are you all doing? Having some time off or still busy at work? We had so much fun singing at the celebrations of the Swedish national day in Sundbyberg this year. 🇸🇪 💛💙 Happy to be back on stage and to be able to revive the choir Rising Star. This time together with Penny Smitt who we released several songs with. Go check out the live performance medley here 👉 Listen to the songs here on Spotify, Aldrig ge upp - Never give up 👉 Fearless 👉 Hopefully we get to perform some more this Summer but before that we're taking some weeks off both from our regular jobs and also the music to spend more time with family in a lower pace. There will be some travelling within Sweden and abroad to see new and familiar places and enjoy

Winners of Sami Grand Prix 2022 (Sami Melodifestival) 🥇✨

Wow! So grateful for being the winners of Sami Grand Prix 2022 (Sami Melodifestival) with Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso and our song Dovdameahttumii last week! 💯💫💛🌟🥇 It was a very nerve wracking final broadcasted on SVT play and NRK and we are beyond grateful to everyone who supported us in the public voting! 🙏 Listen to the song on Spotify👉 and watch the full performance on Youtube below!   The song is written by us and Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso with production, mixing, master by Paul Dubrovsky, Stein Austrud and Roald Raasberg. It all started with an idea in English and some joik ideas by us last year and when we involved Ingá-Máret she added the Sami language and her exceptional joik voice to the song. Then we got the opportunity to involve Stein to work on an excellent arrangement and organic sound with "nyckelharpa". We love to do these melodic songs and also have live instruments and an unique organic feeling to both the production and vocals. T

What a Eurovision drama! 😯😯

So many emotions last night 😖 when watching the national selection to Eurovision Poland with our song Why does it hurt, that was selected to compete with Lidia Kopania, announced in January. 😯 😯 We were happily surprised to get selected among the top 10 finalists and managed to prepare for a Youtube and Spotify release and an update of the production on time despite a very tight deadline. Thanks for all the comments, we're trying to take the good with the bad here accepting both the sympathy and criticism and that the song is getting attention in media! 👍 Listen on Spotify ► So, we were looking forward to see a great performance after the preparations and discussions we had with Lidia's manager after we got selected. We also have a history with Lidia, having released 2 singles on Youtube and Spotify with a good outcome and for some years we have submitted songs together for Eurovision Poland without any result. We put our trust into this cooperation

Eurovision 2022! ✨ Here we go!

Wonderful to have such a great start of 2022 with 10 of our songs competing in Eurovision national selections! An amazing new high score for one year! Really happy to be back in Malta and Moldova and having amazingly 4 songs in Romania! Also back in Lithuania after last year! Amazing to be selected in Serbia and in Poland of only 10 contestants. Really proud of this and looking forward to the TV broadcasts coming up, as we worked really hard to make this possible, we weren't even free on Christmas Eve or New Years eve this year! 💪😅  Approached artists and sent songs to around 20 countries during the autumn so you can imagine how many hours we spent and how many people we reached. A hard and diligent work and for that you need a lot of drive and will to keep going. Thanks for all of you supporting us! ❤❤ Amazing 💕 to be in the semi finals of EUROVISION Romania 2022 with our song UTOPIA and the artist Oana Tăbultoc produced by Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Roeland Ruijsch! 😍 Liv