Hello Summer 🌞🍓💛💙 New releases!

Hello Summer, Hello Sunshine, take the stress away! 🌞 😅 The lyrics from our song with the same name about the Summer that you can use in your posts on Tiktok, Insta and FB! How are you all doing? Having some time off or still busy at work?

We had so much fun singing at the celebrations of the Swedish national day in Sundbyberg this year. 🇸🇪 💛💙 Happy to be back on stage and to be able to revive the choir Rising Star. This time together with Penny Smitt who we released several songs with. Go check out the live performance medley here 👉 https://fb.watch/dVRwa0eXef/
Listen to the songs here on Spotify, Aldrig ge upp - Never give up 👉 https://spoti.fi/3Q80Vgi Fearless 👉https://spoti.fi/3mlVkVW

Hopefully we get to perform some more this Summer but before that we're taking some weeks off both from our regular jobs and also the music to spend more time with family in a lower pace. There will be some travelling within Sweden and abroad to see new and familiar places and enjoy the holiday season. 

This year has been very productive so far when it comes to writing songs and releasing songs. There is alot of work behind the scenes where we try to find the best ways to work efficently and still do our regular jobs while writing songs. We've always approached alot of artists but now we're also doing more cowrites and are looking forward to find great team players and reach goals together. It's important to have the same drive and vision and that is not always easy.

We have alot of new releases out that we hope you want to check out! Also working on an upcoming project for Pride Norway for next year, which we really want to keep supporting now more than ever after the tragic event that happened recently. 🏳️‍🌈

The Swedish single "Inom mig" with the great singer and medium and health coach Sara Ekholm is a song about how to go inside and feel your truth. Written and produced with Rickard Bonde and his songwriting team!
👉 https://spoti.fi/3mV0nNb

We are back again working with Jonas Hedqvist on the song In the Zone that will be performed live on several Pride festivals this year in London and Sweden!
👉 https://spoti.fi/3R0wAAI

This year we were also selected as one of 5 finalists for P4 Nästa Blekinge with Morgan Färm and the cowritten song Rain on my parade. Sadly the song was never performed in the live final and disqualified from the competition due to illness. 👉 https://open.spotify.com/track/39nFVjBk5lF6wRS0hM9ttP?si=77c13d34862f46a5

We are again releasing music with Kevin Lehnberg who is well known from the famous "dance band" (as we call it in Sweden) Xplays where he was a member. We have been working with a new songwriting team; Mats Larsson and Patrik Adolfsson and are releasing on July 15. https://www.facebook.com/ylvaandlindaonevoice

We were really happy to be invited as actors and FBI agents in a movie that will premiere in August at the theatre Zita in Stockholm. Keep the lookout for "Proseco Media" and we hope to share some clips! We had a fun and challenging day filming outside in Stockholm together with the main actors, a new experience for us.

Finally the event season has come back again and we've been honoured to be invited to so many great events and featured in several tabloid magazines! Here from Café opera Soul Train AW, Sthlm beauty week and Hänt Extra. We also got to sing some ABBA classics in the Summer bar! https://www.facebook.com/ylvaandlindaonevoice/videos/602842134597284
Earrings from Linda's Jewelry https://www.facebook.com/lindaisabellabodin
Press photos from Cawa Media and Café Opera.

As always we are working all year around with new songs and Eurovision in particular trying to match songs and pitch for artists and are very proud of the 10 songs this year and almost 60 songs in total. We are looking for new artists and cooperation for EUROVISION 2023! If you can recommend us artists in confirmed countries, producers, cowriters we would be more than happy! Check our our Youtube playlist for Eurovision here 👉https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS_XSN-SaO7V0B8VLVH4klQX7zhabniQ4

So excited for Penny Smitt performing our song "Vår framtid" at the Baltic Voice contest in Lithuania 🇱🇹 Be sure to check out the 3 singles we recorded and released with Penny on Spotify 👉 https://spoti.fi/3yc1PQp 👈

Due to the pandemic we decided to reduce our business of taking on sessions with singers and children and recording cover songs (outside our own song portfolio) as we no longer have the venue or association for this, only home studios. That is why we have taken the decision from now on to only invite a minimal number of selected artists for sessions with our own songs. That also goes for choir performances. If you can record at home and send us files or in a studio you are however welcome to book our offers online. 👉http://www.ylvalinda.com Do you want a review of your own song? Go to our store here! 👉http://webshop.ylvalinda.com/butik/?orderby=date

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