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New releases - Bättre - Zara & Jessica, Masquerade - Björta

Really excited to share two new magical releases with you that we have been working on for quite some time! 👍💙💛💗 Very different genres and styles as you can see on the covers, which we hope will catch your interest even more! 😃 Today our new song "Bättre" 👉 with the amazing Mello stars Zara & Jessica will be out on all platforms, so please listen, share, comment and like to support! This time we are working for a special cause in cooperation with the organization "Attention" supporting their work with neuropsychiatric disabilities. It may not have been unnoticed that we have created a super team with the girls since the last couple of years where we have released several successful singles in the pop folk genre! We usually work in cowrites with the girls and so was also the case with this song, where Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Danne Sjöberg also joined the team. The song has already been played on Swedish Radio P4 Krist