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Top 5 Finalist in AfriMusic Song Contest

WOW! We MADE it to top TOP 5 as finalists in the AfriMusic Song Contest with the artist Linda Kilian from South Africa and our song I will never fight again! Thank you so much for your votes, friends! Contestants from 16 African Countries where fighting for a place in March and April and in the first round we came top 20.   The winner will get to perform the song live in Tel Aviv in Eurovision Song Contest, a dream come true for us!  

Melfest WKND STHLM 2019 @ Münchenbryggeriet and Club Backdoor

Saturday night, Mello Final and we had an amazing and looong day with 2 performances in Stockholm! Did the right song win in Melodifestivalen, what do you think? 😊    In the early afternoon we were really happy to finally meet up again with the artists Zara & Jessica (former Sarek) to sing together after having been working on several songs and projects since almost one year back. Such a great team! 👍 This time 2 schlager gigs in Stockholm was on the agenda where we had the pleasure of backing them up on stage. First we went to Münchenbryggeriet to Melodifestivalklubben's Melfest WKND Party where we did our first souncheck and rehearsals. Of course they sang their big Mello hit "Genom eld och vatten" and we also got to do our Summer hit single "En helt ny dag" that we released last year. It means alot to us to be able to perform our own songs with the girls and also do the backup for their hits, especially on this occation and at a place with the rig

The MelFest Wknd Sthlm 2019 Pre Party Press Conference

Tomorrow is the Mello final for 2019, who do you think will take the winning place? Tonight is the MELFEST WKND STHLM 2019 PRE PARTY at the club Estelle and we had the pleasure of joining the press conference meet and greet with the artists and also get an interview about our own journey. Melodifestivalklubben (where we have been members since 15 years back!!) together with Peter and Erik hosted the party and we got to meet up with winners from 2019 from Norway, France, Denmark and also national selection artists from Finland and Lithuania and had a great time. All the artists are doing performances with their Eurovision songs on the pre party so the fans will have a chance to meet up with their stars. Today we also got interviewed about our journey for Eurovision over the years and we feel really proud of all the work we put down on our 40 competing songs in 17 countries since 2013. Every year is unique and even though we worked as much or mo