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Audience prize with Doinita in Baltic Song Contest

Happy days! We got the audience prize of Baltic Song Contest in Karlshamn with the artist Doinita Gherman från Moldova singing our Eurovision hit "Irresistible" and her Moldovan native song Hora pe toloacã. Fantastic meeting with the lovely artist Donita in Sweden competing and singing together at the big festival in the south of Sweden where foreign artists can take part that is also broadcasted on TV. The arrangements and hospitality during the week has been great and so wonderful to get to know Doinita and do this together. Watch the performances and behind the scenes here: Audience prize  Lovely to meet Catalin and Doinita  Great weather near the sea in Karlshamn    Great artists taking part  Professional live orchestra Doinita lost her luggage in Poland and it arrived just a few minutes bef