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If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you

Let's talk about the other side of working with music and being a  creator. We always try to keep a positive and hopeful outlook on new  opportunities because that's who we are and we'd like to believe in  cooperations and a bright future in this industry. But let's face it that as the years  go by you fall into the jungle of draining, administrative issues and this takes  a lot of energy on a creative soul. Royalties, copyright claims,  strikes, rights, licenses, competition...  Is it ok to use the work of a  songwriter and publish it for commercial gain without asking permission  and without paying? We had this experience just the other week and in  the past a well-known composer from Eurovision stole our song and  instrumental and made his own copy that competed in Junior Eurovision  and came 3rd. We were of course never credited as composers. For us new song ideas and melodies always come from within and we get the best inspiration when our minds are re

Healing and inner guidance

Sometimes it is hard to see the right direction in life and today was the perfect day to get some guidance and healing and find some quality time for ourselves. The wheel is contantly spinning and we are trying to reach our goals but are finding it hard to get more energy to start over when we are not getting where we want to be.  We are always grateful for all the opportunities and connections we have found through music and we should not be complaining, but the struggle for something specific is not always easy when you want to focus. The spiritual side has always been a part of our lives in a subtle way but now we wanted to tell you more about this for those who are interested and also want to get help. Today we visited Sara Ekholm, a certified medium, spiritual healer and a fantastic person for a session and seance. We met once before in her warm and inspiring studio for a "twin" session to get more guidance and hea

Grand opening at the International Comedy Film Festival

Life is better when you're laughing, right? There was a long queue of happy people on the red carpet outside the cinema Skandia waiting to get into the gala event tonight where we were invited. Lots of glitter, glamour and laughter is the best medicine when you're feeling a bit down like we are today after a rather gloomy message we received the other day.    The opening night for the International Comedy Film Festival was held at the Skandia Theatre in Stockholm with a preview for the movie Lyrro. Erwik Communication together with Stêrk Production did a splendid arrangement as always and made both well known celebrities and other guests feel welcome at the mingle with drinks and snacks and surprises! Everyone headed to the movie theatre where the passionate host and arranger Nisti gave us both interesting presentations, singing, music and laughter on stage together with the international and Swedish guests like Sally Phillips and Peter D

Go all in - Oktoberfest at Café Opera

What a grand party tonight at Café Opera where we were invited by Johan Carlén to a big Oktoberfest with lots of fun and glamour! Going all in today with tyroler costumes in red, white, black, boots, ponytails, a big smile and party mood. We even got g reen giveaway hats on our way out. 😉💃💋    Pressphoto by Armand Dommer   Photo by Clas Lindstål       We met alot of wonderful people, tasted great German hot food, drank warming shots (kräuterlikör - working great after a bad cold) and sodas (as we are not fans of beer). A band was playing happy tyroler music and we did some singalong of course! 💓 So nice to get alot of photo shoots from the awesome photographers! So happy to be invited and looking forward to next time! Watch vlog here:                    Photo by Marie-Therese Karlberg   So nice to meet Sara Ekholm, psychic medium with her own practise that we really recommend.  Sweet girls in party mood! Sara Ekholm, blogger Cr

Calendar event to support psychological health issues

Tonight we had the pleasure of being event guests at CFHILL:s palace to support research for psychological health by 1,6 and 2,6 miljonerklubben together with Erwik Communications.     We had a great time mingling with some of the artists and met alot of great new people for networking as well as and friends while tasting rose wine and healthy warming shots (blueberry,  ginger, turmeric) eating cookies and burgers (!!) at this beautiful place. We had black dresses with golden details and red earrings from H&M and lower black boots from Din sko. This time we didn't just match ourselves, but also some of the artists wearing red and black! Below is a picture wih Arja Saijonmaa, singer from Melodifestivalen. Great to meet her!      Warming healthy ginger shot helping to recover a nasty cold Happy to meet up with the designer Peter Englund The following artists were models of this year's calendar for an important cause and fantastic photos by well known