If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you

Let's talk about the other side of working with music and being a creator. We always try to keep a positive and hopeful outlook on new opportunities because that's who we are and we'd like to believe in cooperations and a bright future in this industry. But let's face it that as the years go by you fall into the jungle of draining, administrative issues and this takes a lot of energy on a creative soul. Royalties, copyright claims, strikes, rights, licenses, competition... 

Is it ok to use the work of a songwriter and publish it for commercial gain without asking permission and without paying? We had this experience just the other week and in the past a well-known composer from Eurovision stole our song and instrumental and made his own copy that competed in Junior Eurovision and came 3rd. We were of course never credited as composers.

For us new song ideas and melodies always come from within and we get the best inspiration when our minds are relaxed and when there isn't too much buzz. It can be when having a walk outside or in the shopping mall, on a sick day at home, when cooking or listening to new inspiring music that new melodies come flowing. We usually start with a melody and arrangement and then add lyrics or involve cowriters.

This year we took a course in Innovative Music Management on Saturdays (despite our busy schedule) with insight into today's music industry and inspiring lecturers sharing their experiences and knowledge. One thing that we learned from the course is that there are no shortcuts to success and the persistent work we have put down so far is the way to continue with determination and motivation to never give up. If you want to get paid you must commit to running a business and your job is to create incredible art to the ears and hearts of people who will love it the most. We've had numerous experiences from gigs and performances on events or TV abroad where you must allow your hands to get dirty backstage and then look and sound fabulous on stage. You must be willing to face highs and lows in the same day and never stop learning, take chances and know that fame is just a bonus. It's about the love of yourself and the craft, your talent as a songwriter, musician or artist. It's about finding the reason to keep going every single day and understanding some days will be good and some bad.  

Here are some of the keys we're following in our work with music:

  1. Work persistent and hard every day with a lot of patience and faith
  2. Go ouside your comfort zone, take chances and never stop learning, never take anything for granted
  3. Work hard on your social media channels and brand to get new and keep the current followers and subscribers happy
  4. Protect your rights as a songwriter. Giving away music for free can be a way to promote yourself and we have mostly worked for free. But by copyrighting your songs you have the right to decide who can use it as to mechanical and performance rights.

Have a listen to our latest single releases on Spotify! We've had the opportunity to work with some really talented artists like some of them in the photos above: Kevin Klein, Mahan Moin, Greg Curtis and Madeleine Hilleard. Do you enjoy our music? 
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