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Boosted health on a cold November evening

A magical evening for the body and soul! Tonight the theme was holistic health and beauty for the soul at Strandvägen in the heart of Stockholm. 👍💗 We had yellow tops from Zara tonight to brighten up the evening Nice to meet up with Agneta Sjödin and get a signed ex of her book! So thankful for being invited by Christina Nilsson at !   Professional demonstrations of organic makeup and treatments were shown, the well known TV host Agneta Sjödin signed her new book "Drömdagboken" about how to stay true to yourself and your sisters with today's high demands of beauty ideals. We fell in love with the great jewellery were available from Ioaku! Treatment for the body and soul! Generous goodiebag with very interesting products! What a boost for the mind, body and soul feeling beautiful both inside and outside when leaving the event.   Pressphoto by Katriina Mäkinen Wellme gave us interesting tips about anti-inflammatory diet, h

Christmas cover with winner of Sweden's got Talent 2018

So happy and grateful to share with you our latest music cooperation and release of O holy night, a Christmas cover with the amazing winner of Sweden's got talent 2018 Madeleine Hilleard! Have a listen here and we really hope you will enjoy it, share, like and comment!     A few months ago we met Madeleine for the first time and tested some studio recordings together and some weeks ago we record, edited and mixed this Christmas cover. It will soon be out on Spotify as well! She is such a lovely and charming girl, only 16 years old but very mature and open hearted for her age. And she is such a talent with a very special opera voice with a range that goes beyond other artists, both high and low. Awesome! Here is a greeting from Madeleine! A funny thing happened when we recorded the first time. Usually when singers have a dynamic voice it's also noticed in the recordings and too high levels in the microphone will end up as distortion. However when she took the h

Grand opening of Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord @ Engelen

We had the pleasure of being invited to the grand opening tonight at Engelen of this year's Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord by Johan Carlén and who can resist that ?? On stage Robert Wells and Maria Wells + The Vocalettes were entertaining with a rocking, sparkling and sizzling christmas music show together with invited guests like Eddie Oliva, Klasse Möllberg, Rongedals and Fredrik Swahn. As musicians, songwriters and artists ourselves we always join in on the dance floor to give our best support and we had a blast! Alot of tasty traditional Swedish Christmas food and desserts were served and we met up with some great new celebrities as well as familiar faces. Really had such a nice time at Engelen, a place we really recommend to visit in the old town of Stockholm and Carlén always does a splendid job getting all the guests feeling welcome! Generous smorgasbord with tasty food and desserts! We wore blue velvet dresses from Nelly with golden detai

New Christmas release with Zara & Jessica

We are so happy to announce the release of a new Swedish christmas single called "Ge mig jul igen" cowritten together with the amazing artists Zara & Jessica, former Sarek who competed with the successful song "Genom eld och vatten" in Melodifestivalen and toured for 10 years before they went separated ways! Now they are back with new music! This time we did the production ourselves and worked togther with the talented musicians Patric Skog and Dan Sjöberg on guitars, bass and violins. Fredrik Kronbäck did the mixing and the cover image was designed by Jonatan Månsson. We did the release together with Universal Music Sweden and our publishing company Twinflame and it is both out on Spotify, Itunes and Youtube! Hope you want to listen, like and share! There is always alot of work behind a song and we started already this Summer with a base production when Zara & Jessica sent us their idea and came to record the vocals in our studio. Thr

Fashion-Music-Art EVENT at Oldenstedt & Co

Boom!! After a few months of preparations the day finally came when we got to host an event with a mix of interesting themes - fashion, music, art, hair, makeup, massage at the salon Oldenstedt & Co in the central of Stockholm.  The arrangers Åke Bjurström and Maja Nelin had done an amazing job with all the preparations and we assisted them as much as we could. Check out the vibe and performances in the vlog: Performances with Aron Promnitz and Rising Star. Photos by Maja Johansson. Together with our child choir Rising Star and the artist Aron Promnitz we performed the songs "Jag tror jag är kär", "Fearless" and this was also the release party for Aron's and our song "Revival".  The place was crowded with happy guests that came to join us, posing for press photos at the specially designed backdrop canvas made by art director Jonathan where we were honoured to have our Twinflame publishing company logo printed. We had