Christmas cover with winner of Sweden's got Talent 2018

So happy and grateful to share with you our latest music cooperation and release of O holy night, a Christmas cover with the amazing winner of Sweden's got talent 2018 Madeleine Hilleard! Have a listen here and we really hope you will enjoy it, share, like and comment!
A few months ago we met Madeleine for the first time and tested some studio recordings together and some weeks ago we record, edited and mixed this Christmas cover. It will soon be out on Spotify as well! She is such a lovely and charming girl, only 16 years old but very mature and open hearted for her age. And she is such a talent with a very special opera voice with a range that goes beyond other artists, both high and low. Awesome!

Here is a greeting from Madeleine!

A funny thing happened when we recorded the first time. Usually when singers have a dynamic voice it's also noticed in the recordings and too high levels in the microphone will end up as distortion. However when she took the highest and strongest note that echoed around the room there was a peak level that went DOWN instead of up in the volume control! Never seen that before but the reason must have been that she has a special opera voice technique that makes her sing in a different way than normal singers. So exciting!

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