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Bronze in Baltic song contest

After two songs in Eurovision Belarus and a few attempts we finally got the chance to take part in the Baltic Song Contest in Karlshamn, Sweden and to meet Janet in our own country! We received the bronze and prize money in the contest with You will be here and the Russian song Davaice sambraremska razam. We were met with great hospitality at the yearly Summer festival held in the south of Sweden in a beautiful venue in the Town house. The contest was also broadcasted on TV by the arrangers. After the show Janet also visited us in Stockholm for some sightseeing. A professional live orchestra were playing our songs on stage. Watch live here:  Great audience and Summer vibe on stage! Watch us winning the bronze prize here: It was a big challenge for us to do the backing vocals in Russian for Janet's song Davaice sambraremska razam. But we love to sing in different languages and this time we had no option as the arrangers had the decision of picking songs and