Year in review 2020

2020 in review! This year is coming to an end and it has been a very different year for us and probably for most of you reading this too. We wanted to highlight all the amazing opportunities given and goals reached despite the panademic and we hope you want to keep reading. 👍💖The year started out great with as much as 7 songs for Eurovision, a highscore and also a new Nordic country - Norway! We released almost 70 Youtube videos ( with over 1,3 million views in totalt, almost 2000 new subscribers + 21 singles on Spotify ( and iTunes. Our music was played alot at Swedish radio P2, P4 and local stations, and also SVT1, TV4 Barnkanalen, Kunskapskanalen. For several years we have approached and worked hard for Swedish TV and finally we got the chance to sing one of our cowritten songs live as backing vocalists at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon as well as doing a livestream for Pride Stockholm, which were milestones for us. Of course alot of things were cancelled due to corona and we had to be flexible and find new ways which has left us pretty exhausted at the end of the year. We hope to be able to pursue the dreams we have during 2021 and are grateful for all the wonderful things during this year.

For Eurovision - our big music passion - 💖 we competed with proudly 7 songs in TV selections in Moldova, Belarus and Norway!  💪 After years of trying in Norway NRK finally selected "We are as one" with "Elin & the Woods" for Melodi Grand Prix 2020 which had to be kept as a secret for several months before the announcement and this time the song was actually sent with another artist than the one they picked so we had to rework everything before the broadcast. 
We were so happy to be invited by NRK as songwriters to the H3 Arena in Olso ❤ ✈ to join the live TV show and broadcast! It was an amazing experience and exciting to follow everything on set. Though we didn't make it to the final it was a great milestone for us just to reach Norway MGP! We had a generous welcome and hospitality in Oslo and it was a rush, just back and forth from Saturday to Sunday! Read more here:

In Moldova we managed to have 3 songs in the auditions and as much as 2 in the finals with lovely artists that we got to know and who did amazing performances! This year was exceptionally stressful, as the rules came out by new years day (usually a couple of months before the end of the year) and speculations said they would not have national selections. So it was a rush to meet the tight deadlines, reaching out with songs and finding artists in just a couple of weeks, but we managed! Working with great teams is important and one of the big team player for us this year was definitely Rickard Bonde Truumeel! Read all the details here:

Eurovision Moldova - Like a champion - Denis Midone: 

Eurovision Moldova - Remedy - Viorela:

Eurovision Moldova - Empathy - Pelageya Stefoglo:

For Eurovision Belarus, where we had many songs and travelled twice to join on the TV stage just like in Moldova, we had the opportunity to work again with lovely Janet who came 2nd with "You will be here" as well as again dear Anastasia and also a new artist. Wonderful songs that we love with all our hearts and Anastasia made it to the finals with an unique and cool performance.
Eurovision Belarus - Flying free - Janet: 

Eurovision Belarus - Invisible - Anastasia:

Eurovision Belarus - True to myself - Veronika Tsubikova:

Whatever outcome we'll keep doing Eurovision songs, this is what we do and what we are passionate about. This is the format that works best for us when releasing songs. You can work in different genres and follow the mainstream music but still keep the Eurovision touch which is what we do best and love! 💗 Right now we are just lucky we can manage to do all these cooperations independently in teams, finding a match of artists and songs and finalize vocal recordings and mixes! For this year however the panademic led to that most countries don't have regular national selections and pick the same artist for another year so there are not much chances for us. We have tried everywhere we can, but maybe the focus this year has not been as good as earlier years due to the situation. We still have our hopes for 2021, but probably we will have to live with a very different situation and we'll see what comes next! We hope that you'll keep following our music and our releases outside Eurovision too! 💗

In August the waiting was over! Early birds went up in the middle of the night to prepare for the live performance at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon that we had been waiting for so long! We released the coproduced single "Rock the world" with the big Mello star Gladys del Pilar that is also out on Youtube and Spotify! 😍

We have been approaching Swedish TV for quite a long time now and of course Melodifestivalen is the goal, but this was an amazing opportunity. Gladys has always been a big inspiration for us, a strong and powerful voice and all her Mello classics are great! 💗 We met her in person at an event a couple of years ago, got a great connection and started working on some songs together.

What a dream come true to finally be able to take part in Pride Stockholm with one of our songs in the live show! Together with the musical/Idol/Wallmans star Alex Falk we released "Courageous" and got to perform it in the live stream Stockholm Pride Gala Night that was broadcasted on Aftonbladet and Facebook. What a magical day!

We also worked with Alex on other songs and for Christmas we released "Midvintertid" and had a live broadcast from our living room! Check it out on the link below!


Our great team with Zara & Jessica, former Sarek from Melodifestivalen, had a productive year and released both new songs and remixes! We are so happy for this great teamwork where we also involved the producers Rickard, Jonas, Albin as well as Jessica's husband. During the Summer we had the chance to meet up and do a video shooting, photo session and livestream to celebrate our common work! Check out Zara & Jessica on Spotify below.

We love DIY and being creative in a combination of music and art which was possible this Summer when we were out in Stockholm getting some great shootings that you can see in our video release for the song "Bättre". The lovely evening ended up with some sparkling champagne, alot of talking and good times! We also did a few other livestreams online from our separate homes to highlight the releases and hopefully more is coming from us very soon!

We had a big year with P4 Nästa - 2 finalists and songs in Stockholm (Greg Curtis) and Kalmar (Stefan Larsson) which we are really grateful for. Last time in Stockholm was more than 10 years ago and this year we had two great cowrited songs that were performed live at the radio stations. We joined as backing vocalists in Stockholm for the broadcast at Swedish Radio Musikplats Stockholm for P4 Stockholm and that was a huge moment for us that we also have waited for a very long time!

We reached the Top 10 as finalists in AfriMusic Song Contest with Leote Taylor from South Africa and the song "Everybody" has become very popular and made in many versions afterwards. Check out the version we did with our child choir Rising Star on Instagram as well as other releases and sessions with young artists!

We worked with the vibrant Swedish drag artists, Imaa Queen and Björta and released songs as well as performed them live at the night club Patricia and had such a great time!


This year focus turned to health and the inner life which we emphasized with the medium and life coach as well as our good friend Sara Ekholm in this vlog. We also did a follow up livestream that is out on Facebook:

Despite the lock down and restrictions of the venue for Rising Star - the association that we drive locally - we found ways to arrange sessions for solo artists or a small group and did several releases that you can find in our playlist and on Instagram. We have new offers for next year!

Don't miss our BIG release of the official song of Lillehammer Vinter Pride that will be out in January! We can't wait to show you! Please set a reminder on the Youtube video today!

For 2021 we will focus more on finding the best cooperations with like-minded people and we finally have realized that it's better to work slowly and set up a plan for the coming work to release stress and not end up exhausted. We love being creative in the moment and having alot of ongoing stuff, you probably know that by now, but sometime patience can be good instead of rushing. For Eurovision there will always be short deadlines and fast work, but it's also something to follow, to work in steps instead of doing it all at the same time. We had some experience this year that made us realize that we need to go even deeper when it comes to finding a good balance and keep the inspiration flowing. For us our work must be visible and we share everything because we want it to be seen and we don't really want to work behind the scenes. We aim for TV and to be able to sing live and we love doing it with other artists as long as they let us in and see us as a positive force rather than thinking that we want to take all the credits. We always want to do a fair split and the money is not the priority for us, we have other jobs but we cannot lose money and must be able to drive our company and reach further. We are not interested in starting alot of unfinished projects and songs, they should be out and shared with the audience, not in a drawer!! We believe in a good teamwork, listening and keeping a friendly tone, showing respect, and taking responsibility together! We're always ready and looking for new cooperations in music and also products/influencers, so get in touch with us right away to get a fast reply. 

Wishing you all the best for 2021 and your support means the world to us! Please keep following and streaming, liking and sharing. Without that we would not go on! We are hoping for a prosperious year to come!

If you are a talented artist and want to work with us, please check out our offers of Youtube, Spotify song releases including vocal editing, mix and artwork. For Swedish artists we also offer recording sessions.

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