Filming, Photoshooting and Livestreaming with Zara & Jessica in Sthlm

Some weeks ago we decided to meet up with Zara & Jessica (former Sarek, Melodifestivalen) in Stockholm to do a filming and photo session for our upcoming songs and projects. 👌👍💛 
Really excited to keep working on all these magical tunes that we hope to share with you in one way or another in the near future. It may not have been unnoticed that we have created a super team with the girls since the last couple of years and we aim to continue releasing music in the pop folk genre together! If we also reach our common goals together time will tell, but we keep our hopes high and a positive mind and are working hard behind the scenes. We will be sharing some secrets in this blog, so keep reading!
When Sweden opened up for travelling within the country we could finally decide a date to meet, but doing live gigs is still very difficult so instead we decided to film and take photos for our coming singles at some beautiful places in Stockholm, Södermalm with a view! Exciting and a new experience! With a tight deadline and many songs we were multi tasking, filming with a DJI, taking photos, changing costumes and were on set ourselves too. We met alot of nice people during the day complementing our work!
We really love being creative and DIY not only with songs, but also with filming, photos and editing. For those of you who know us, we love to express ourselves in many levels combining music and art and we did most of the cover arts and videos ourselves that we have published. We even took photos of other artists as well. We did Photoshop already in our 20's and still love it! 💗 Here is a sneak peak from the shootings a very warm Summer day. Please be sure to follow our Insta, Facebook and sub on Youtube to get to see everything when it's out! We'd love your comments, likes and shares!


Zara & Jessica:

After a long day of filming with only a food break in between (where we almost lost our hearing because of a big bang where a bus tire exploded in the street 😅) we ended the day doing a livestream concert at home on Facebook! 
This time we used our own PA equipment that we rigged, 2 computers and a web streaming camera for Facebook live. Had such a blast and here you can see us perform 4 of our released Swedish songs and cowrites as well as covers! Don't miss the champagne at the end! 😂👍 Hope you enjoy it!
Alot of rigging work for a livestream! Monitors, mixer, cables, soundcard, computers, camera and lights! Someone's gonna do the dirty work! 😁 Of course we celebrated the day afterwards!

The song was also played yesterday on Swedish radio (Kristianstad) and Zara did a great interview talking about our upcoming music projects, the livestream but also about corona times and how this affected her music work, gigs and family business.

Read more about the songs below! So very happy to get the opportunity to be able to meet and share live music together, as nowadays there is no guarantee for that. Musicians and artists are longing to go back to normal again and so do we when things are frustrating. But we also see new ways and solutions opening up that could be positive in the long run. There are many voices raised right now about how the music industry is working and not working and it's interesting to follow what will happen. Of course we are doing social distancing as much as possible when we meet. No hugging and staying safe! ✋
The latest song we released that we also performed is "Det hjärta som blöder" (Bleading heart) out on all platforms published by Twinflame and W Records. Written and produced together with the girls and Jonas Nilsson as well as the violinist Danne married to Jessica. Here is the livestream we did for the release in May:

Spotify playlist Zara & Jessica:

The video we produced is a cooperation between local companies in Kristianstad and Östersund where Zara and Jessica live.

We also performed the song Dansar med vinden (Dancing with the wind) that took the winning spot in the radio competition P4 Nästa with the important message about mental illness.

Of course we sang our first single "En helt ny dag" (A new day) that we also did live at the release party at Patricia that magical Summer evening a couple of years ago. We also did the feel good song "För alltid min vän" (Forever my friend).

Please also check out our offers of Youtube song release including vocal editing, mix and artwork.


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