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Health and beauty event 💚🎈❤🍂

We were really pleased to receive an invitation to the health and beauty event for the body and mind by Harmonia , in Stockholm with inspiration, happiness of new insights and with exclusive gifts and champagne! Photo by Cawa media    Quite exciting to once again be out on these occations that have been cancelled for so long and we have been careful to not attend gatherings or doing gigs as first priority is always the health of us and others. What about you, do you feel more safe now? Do you work from home? Do you travel abroad? We took the second dose of the vaccin a month ago and were asked before the Summer to attend a gig abroad but we didn't feel safe enough to travel at that point. Hopefully new opportunities will come soon so that we have a chance to meet up again. Sweden has announced lighter restrictions will happen soon which defintely seems postive when it comes to music, concerts and live events. In our regular jobs however it would actually be interesting to find a