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Birthday 🍰 Gigs 🎤 Releases 🎧

This year is soon coming to an end - a year of big contrasts! Suddenly everything has been running fast again after a long period of contemplation, but things are changing again. Do you find it hard to adapt? Today is our birthday!! 🙌 And we wanted to celebrate it in this blog with some new music and also looking back on what we have done the last month and earlier this year. We are having a nice family dinner today and also a few weeks ago we celebrated both our birthday and our father's birthdays at the same time as they are quite close in the calendar. As twins we never have our own birthday celebrations, but we're of course used to this, as long as we get our own presents!! 😂😁 Our latest release is a Christmas song deluxe! The famous Swedish musical artist and musician stars Gunilla Backman with Kalle Moraeus (also known from Mamma mia The musical, Melodifestivalen and Benny Andersson Orchestra from ABBA) have released the song Tusen strålar with music and lyrics written

🍂 Frosten ❄️ new song and video release in Swedish celebrating the seasons

Finally, we can share our new single and video release of "Frosten" that took over a year to finish! It is a celebration of all the beautiful seasons of the year and a chance for us to show our own expression, having worked a lot with other artists lately (which we love of course ❤). It also symbolizes the different phases in life we go through; the waiting, patience, struggle when we want to reach a desire in our hearts! Something we think all of you can relate to. Spotify 👉 The music (melody, lyrics), arrangement, music production and video production is all self made in this project, which has been relieving but also puts pressure on us to deliver something amazing for you! The great guitars are done by Patric Skog who played a lot on our other songs as well. We really hope you will like our new song and video and shower us with likes, comments, shares and put the song on repeat! 💗 Be sure to turn on notifications to not miss when we go li

Health and beauty event 💚🎈❤🍂

We were really pleased to receive an invitation to the health and beauty event for the body and mind by Harmonia , in Stockholm with inspiration, happiness of new insights and with exclusive gifts and champagne! Photo by Cawa media    Quite exciting to once again be out on these occations that have been cancelled for so long and we have been careful to not attend gatherings or doing gigs as first priority is always the health of us and others. What about you, do you feel more safe now? Do you work from home? Do you travel abroad? We took the second dose of the vaccin a month ago and were asked before the Summer to attend a gig abroad but we didn't feel safe enough to travel at that point. Hopefully new opportunities will come soon so that we have a chance to meet up again. Sweden has announced lighter restrictions will happen soon which defintely seems postive when it comes to music, concerts and live events. In our regular jobs however it would actually be interesting to find a

Happy Summer - New releases! 🌼🌸🍓🌞

Summer is here - let the sunshine in and enjoy! 🌞 Is this the best time of year for you or do you prefer cooler weather? Are you going somewhere this year or staying home? Working or on a leave? 🌼 We're taking some weeks off both from our regular jobs and also the music to spend more time with family in a lower pace. There will be some travelling within Sweden, seeing new places and enjoying the holidays. Then we'll see what comes up and what feels interesting and safe to do. This year we'll probably do less music activities than normal and it actually feels pretty good as we've been working nonstop with different projects. The last few years have been busy also during the Summers and sometimes it's good to give yourself some extra space. The photos taken are from the scenes where we are droning and filming a surprise for you that will come later this year. A new style of music and new ways of filming that we really enjoy doing and hope you will follow and like to

Happy Easter! 🐣💛🌞 Keep going!

How are you holding up during these times? How are you celebrating Easter? 🐣💛🌞🥚  Today is the premiere for our latest single "Dit jag vill" ( Where I want to go ) with Zara & Jessica from former Sarek, Melodifestivalen! We're doing a livestream on Facebook tonight at 8 PM to talk more about the song and we hope you want to join? Do you have any questions for us? We also released a new music video on Youtube and you can find the song on Spotify 👉 as well. The song is a cowrite between us, Zara & Jessica, Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Danne Sjöberg, an upbeat pop tune with etno influences about reaching for your goals and dreams and hopes and we really hope it will tick all your boxes so that you want to listen, share, like and comment! 👌 During these pandemic times when we just need to hold on and keep going we feel it's important to also look forward and we hope that this song will take you there? We think it could have been a sup

VIP Art Event in Stockholm

We had the pleasure of being invited to a VIP Art Event at Strandvägen in Stockholm by Vincent de Montleau with amazing art by the mother of Mikael Persbrandt Inga-lill, Jonas Hessman and Gunilla Larsén. Also exclusive cognac Terrasson Comte Gerald de Montleau, French rosé wine and chocolate from Betsy Sandberg. Of course we followed the restrictions and smaller groups were invited in time slots. It was a great surprise and we really enjoyed this moment as everything has been cancelled since last year and we have been very careful to attend meetings of all kind, working from home every day. It was ac tually no t an easy decision as we prefer not to meet more people than needed during these times and first priority is the health of us and others.  Really nice to stroll down Strandvägen this evening with the feeling of Spring in the air! We had red trousers with matching shoes and black party tops! Tasty chocolate from Betsy Sandberg Fantastic entrance hall Art by Persbrandt Lovely loca