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Euroclub live performance

We had the pleasure of performing as artists at Euroclub in Stockholm during the Swedish arrangements of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. The venue was specially built for the occasion close to the royal castle and the warm nights invited alot of party people to join in the Eurovision bubble. We did two shows with Eurovision hits for all the guests that arrived for Eurovision from all around Europe and had a blast! 

Winner of Svensktoppen Nästa Västmanland - Orden Hänger Kvar with Tilda Anvemyr

Fantastic news that we are the winner of the Swedish radio competition Svensktoppen Nästa Västmanland P4 with our song Orden Hänger Kvar with the artist Tilda Anvemyr! The final took place at Stora torget in Västerås and Tilda performed live with her great dancers and the talented violinist Isabelle Andö who arranged the violins on this song. The voting was made by SMS and an internal jury. We also took part with Tilda the year before in the same contest with the song In too deep and came 2nd so we were very happy to take the winning spot! Spotify: iTunes: Songwriters: Patric Skog, Ylva Persson, Danne Attlerud, Linda Persson, Isabelle Andö och Peter Bengtsson. Photographer: Cina B Ewnert