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Oktoberfest at Café Opera

We had a blast at the crowded grand party tonight at Café Opera hosted by the one and only Johan Carlén together with Marie-Therese Karlberg. What else to wear at an Oktoberfest but tyroler dresses and red bling bling swarowski earrings from Linda's smycken to feel the German vibe and party mood! 💃
Photo by Armand Dommer Press photos below by Cawa Media
Just like last year we met alot of fabulous people, tasted traditional German food and drinks. Heidi & Heinz was playing tyroler music where we could singalong and there was great a joddler on stage.
Annika Ljungberg (Rednex) with Jens Sylsjö performed a spectacular show and the party wouldn't stop even after that with happy people on the dancefloor. Maybe next year we will be the singers, who knows? 💓 So nice to get alot of press photos and so happy to be invited to this cool place!

 Annika and Jens on stage Party mood was really on tonight as you can see... Together with Sara and Yvonne, always ready to mingle Together with th…

Autumn party at Glashuset

We were really excited to receive a new personal, exclusive invitation by post 💌😲 from the owner of Glashuset Christos! This time an Autumn party to meet people and taste great specialities and listen to music to celebrate that the restaurant is open all year around.
Photo by
This modern brasserie is situated by the deck of Strandvägen with creative design and tastes and like last time it was crowded with celebrities and exciting people so we didn't want to miss this for a second. 🥂💖 We had orange/yellow blazers and tops and necklaces from Glozzy Sweden. The Melodifestivalen/Eurovision icon star Lasse Berghagen was performing his golden hits live to a happy audience.

 Photo by Photo by Photo: Cawa media
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New release - Heaven - Anna Book

So happy to finally share with you our latest release "Heaven" with Anna Book that is out on Spotify, Itunes and a lyric video on Youtube! 

We hope you want to check it out and share with all your friends! 💖👄 
Apple music:

Since early spring this year we have started a great cooperation with Anna, the big Melodifestivalen star and icon and we are very happy for the opportunity and that we've reached our first goal to do this release together! 👏 The song "Heaven" is written by Anna herself and Ari Lehtonen and was released in another version with Dr Alban in the 90's and became a popular hit. Now she wanted to publish a remix and we started working on a new arrangment and production, recorded Anna's vocals in our studio and did new backing vocals. Together with Dimitri Stassos we finalized the production and mix and released through our publishing company Twinflame and Universal Music Sweden. It&#…

East India 3 year's celebration

Autumn has arrived in Sweden for sure and what is better than to treat yourself with some great Indian tastes and good company?
East India restaurant at Östermalm in Stockholm celebrated 3 years and we were invited to a great event with excellent, spicy food and entertainment by Johan Carlén this Sunday. We really recommend trying out the cousine if you enjoy Indian food.
Outside the building
Music entertainment
 Andreas (partner to Ylva) joined us as company tonight
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Trasdockan 2019 against child abuse

Every year "Trasdockans dag" is arranged as a manifestation to raise a voice for children being exposed to abuse and violence by ATSUB (Amanda Kullenberg) together with Erwik Communciation. 

We had the honour to take part for two years with our child choir Rising Star and this year at Volvo Studio in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm was no exception. Last year we wrote the official song "Fearless" for Trasdockan and now we performed the Swedish song "Olika men lika" that is about how to stay true to yourself no matter who you are or where you are from and it's important for us to spread a message for charity to help the exposed.

The theme this year was gold and yellow so we wore some bling bling dresses and bright colours to light up the evening at this fantastic place with alot of wonderful people doing speeches, performing music, lauging yoga and activities for both young and old.
We had the pleasure of taking press photos with Rising Star and were treated …