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FAQ Ylva & Linda - Get to know us more! 🙌 🙌

Many of you are asking us WHO WE ARE (despite numerous of social media posts that we add every week 😅) so we decided to add a blog about it and also feature some of our latest releases and events! Photo: CafĂ© Opera AW We are a twin duo from Stockholm, Sweden - songwriters and singers - who started off as big Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fans when we were young a few decades ago! We have successfully competed in national selections to Eurovision since 10 years in 18 countries with around 60 songs and we  took the  11th places i Melodifestivalens webjoker . We did over 150 digital song releases with a cclaimed artists from Melodifestivalen / Sweden's got Talent / Swedish Idol , for TV4 Nyhetsmorgon , TV4 Bingolotto , SVT Lilla Aktuellt , wrote official songs for  charity against bullying and child abuse , theme song for SVT, film music for  Cannes and Sthlm filmfestival We were winners of Sami Grand Prix 2022 , winners of Swedish radio P4 NĂ€sta Kristianstad and VĂ€stmanland , win