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Many of you are asking us WHO WE ARE (despite numerous of social media posts that we add every week 😅) so we decided to add a blog about it and also feature some of our latest releases and events!

Photo: Café Opera AW

We are a twin duo from Stockholm, Sweden - songwriters and singers - who started off as big Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fans when we were young a few decades ago!

  • Working with.... except music we have full time IT jobs at separate companies
  • Live in..... Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden with our partners and in separate homes. Linda also has a daughter.
  • Love..... our family, kind, friendly and loyal people that give us inspiration, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, good food (Ylva eats gluten free, has IBS and we both have sensitive stomachs and skin), nature, music, travelling but we are also extreme home lovers 😁
  • Born.... on Dec 11 (Sagittarius) 3 weeks too early and weighed as one normal child together, so we were pretty tiny. Ylva came first, then Linda. There are 7 minutes between us.
  • As persons.... we are outgoing and joyful but also highly sensitive (HSP) and like to spend a lot of private time on our own which can be a super power when used in the right way. 
  • How we work with music... our vision is to have a fair, open and trustworthy teamwork, where everyone takes responsibility to do their part to reach the goal while being helpful, respectful, responsive, appreciative and keeping a friendly communication. We prefer to work online, writing and chatting, that is much more efficient and we can still have time for regular jobs and life. Read more about how we work in our previous blogs.
  • Who is Ylva and who is Linda...? Check out this vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctxSPFCgcbE
Photo: Cawa Media

Music has always been a part of our lives since we were children and we actually started singing when we were only 1 year old. Our passion for Eurovision started at the age of 7 when we watched the Swedish selection and the big Eurovision in the 80's and it inspired us to write our own music already at that age. At school we were exposed to bullying which was traumatizing and we had to move and change schools which even today is something we carry with us. However, music became a source of joy and happiness in our lives that helped us grow and find our light inside during difficult times. In the early days we learned almost all the Eurovision songs by heart and got inspired by the languages and rythms by mimicing the songs from each year that were played over and over. When it was possible to record vocals and make music from home we invested in our own equipment and started to produce ourselves.

The dream to compete ourselves in the Swedish Melodifestival was always there and in 2010 we got the opportunity to take part in the pre-selection called Melodifestivalens webbjoker. We then took a leap of faith to compete abroad as songwriters and producers when we started to work with foreign artists. 

Photo: Clas Lindstål
Photo: Café Opera Afterwork
In 2013 we competed for the first time in Moldova and also travelled there as backing vocalists which was an amazing experience. We joined in as backing vocalists live on stage on 7 of the songs that we competed with during the years. The dream and passion is still present, now almost 60 songs later. Listen to all the songs here: https://bit.ly/3gdCEYH
Since over 10 years back we've been independent entrepreneurs driving our own company and a few years back we started our publishing company called Twinflame.

We often hear that we have a natural chorus when singing and that are very much in tune as twins. We love to sing in harmonies and that is something we feel is also our strength. We have studied singing, piano and music, took singing classes since we were small and were part of several choirs and groups as well as a local school for performance and art and numerous of talent competitions. Later on we also studied music management, production and mixing and we've been part of cover bands and performed at parties, events and festivals with other musicians and ourselves since more than 20 years back.

We had an awesome and intense weekend in October with two fantastic gigs in two nights doing live German schlagers on the yearly Oktoberfest at Café Opera, hosted by Johan Carlén and a private birthday party in Stockholm performing live ABBA and disco classics.

Photo: Café Opera AW

 Photo: Hänt i veckan

The amazing Peter Siepen was DJ at the event and helped us on stage with both sound and lights - holding the spotlight with his bare hands 😂!! We had so much fun singing and it was a challenge to do it in German! Afterwards we got asked if we were from Germany, which surely was a compliment and learning the lyrics surely paid off. We studied German many years ago and love languages. We have challenged ourselves to performed as backing vocalists in several other languages on the Eurovision stage, like Icelandic and Romanian. We usually sing and record the backing vocals on our songs with artists submitted to Eurovision, despite the language barrier. We love when the possibility comes for us to try out new, interesting opportunities and after all these years, we feel that we have become more "international" than just Swedes! We even had followers asking us if we are originally from Spain! 😂

Photo: Café Opera AW
Check out the video here: https://fb.watch/g7Ws1MCyWi/

We had the pleasure of doing the live entertainment at a 50th birthday party held at the exclusive place Cedergrenska tornet in Stockholm. We performed ABBA and Disco hits and the audience that joined us on stage gave us back so much energy!
Check out the video here: https://fb.watch/g7WquqM_QW/

There are a lot of preparations both for the performance, costumes and makeup, but also to administrate and plan everything to manage the arrangement that usually takes a few months. So we were super happy to receive such good feedback from the arranger. "They loved the performances and we set the standard for the entire party! The dance floor was filled to the final moment!" We really enjoy being interactive with the audience, that is what makes us going after 20 years of doing live gigs on parties and events.

During the Summer we had the honour of being invited to perform more ABBA classics in the Summer Bar of Café Opera Afterwork. Check out the performance below.

On Dec 3 we are performing our own songs at the Christmas market in Sundbyberg. Hope to see you there, free of charge! https://www.facebook.com/events/388869570064590

We are often asked from followers all over the world when we have open gigs and this year has been very positive. We never do longer tours and probably never will, but always share on our channels when we have open gigs, so keep your eyes and ears open and we urge you to join us on the occasions that we have. Private gigs are more common as it's also a matter of compensation, but the latest year and due to the pandemic we are focusing more on digital work and being songwriters, which we enjoy just as much. We would however love to see our artists do more live performances of the songs we release together and have release parties. We urge you to ASK them and help us so this is possible. It's often a matter of time, budget and distance but we'd like to see it for ALL of our songs! No wonder we like to focus on releasing for TV and Eurovision as then we'll get the exposure and live performance that we aim for.

We have a few upcoming releases for you! "Du & Jag" (You and me) is a Christmas song with Zara & Jessica from former Sarek, Melodifestivalen out in November that we hope you want to listen to! It's a cowrite between us, Zara & Jessica, Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Danne Sjöberg. You'll find our previous 10 releases with Zara & Jessica on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUsp57bqSp0&list=PLS_XSN-SaO7X6xuAQRHQDfj3uzyszR_AA and Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/6BlniqlTUDf2ekPglhV5X5?si=TikUOMM-QCa3ZH4PV-2qWg
In October we filmed their live performance of our latest releases and edited the videos. Check them out on their IG: https://www.instagram.com/zaraochjessica/

We are really happy to once again support Vinterpride Lillehammer Norway by writing and releasing the official song, which we feel is especially important during these difficult times.

"Go all in" with Liza from Melodi Grand Prix Norway is a song with a lot of energy that we hope Eurovision lovers will enjoy. If you have missed our earlier Vinterpride songs, be sure to check them out here!

A few months ago we were happy to be invited as actors and FBI agents in the movie by Prosecco Media - The Detective Brothers that premiered at the theatre Zita in Stockholm. You can watch it here on Youtube! We had great fun and it was a new experience for us!

Here is another newly cowritten tune called "Super Attractor" with a special message that we recently released with Elin Stormwind (Aninia from Melodifestivalen) and the producer Peter Frodin.

Please search for our music "Ylva & Linda" and use in your stories and reels on FB and IG. It would make us sooo happy! Here are our latest IG/FB/Tiktok releases, also a German version of our song "Här kommer solen"! You will find all songs on FB and IG.

Wonderful news that Penny Smitt took both the 1st place in Asterisks Song Contest Macedonia and first prize in age category 10-13 in Rising Star's Kosovo competition with our songs "Midvintertid" and "Hon äger". We also released a cover of World on fire and more will come next year so stay tuned! Pe
nny on Spotify 👉 https://spoti.fi/3yc1PQp 👈

We always look for YOUR help and support with recommending us talented artists, producers and connections who are interested to work with us and our songs for Eurovision. There is a lot of work behind the scenes where we try to find the best ways to work efficiently and still do our regular jobs while writing songs. We've always approached a lot of artists but now we're also doing more cowrites and are looking forward to find great team players and reach goals together. We think that it's important to have the same drive and vision.

Do you want to release your own version of our songs? Can you record from home and send us files or in a studio? Here are our online offers 👉http://www.ylvalinda.com Do you want a review of your own song? Go to our store here! 👉http://webshop.ylvalinda.com/butik/

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