Top 10 Finalist in AfriMusic Song Contest with Everybody

Wonderful news! We made it to the TOP 10 as finalists in the AfriMusic Song Contest 2020 with the artist Leote Taylor from South Africa and our song Everybody! We really appreciate all the wonderful support and votes that we have received during the last weeks that made us reach the 5th place in public votes! It's been a lot of thumbs up from all of you and we are so happy for all the great response for the song and we hope you will keep listening and sharing! 

113 contestants from 24 African Countries where fighting for a place to reach the final in March competing in the first round. We were really happy to make it to the final top 30 at the first stage! Last year the winner went to Eurovision to perform, but this year will of course be different because of corona. See results here:

The song was produced together with our great team players Rickard Bonde Trumeel and Patric Skog who we really enjoy working with. Leote Taylor is a South African artist who toured with international bands in Asia and wrote and produced for numerous up and coming artists in South Africa and Asia. She performed on various festivals and theaters and has her own vocal company. She wrote the Africaan lyrics of this song and recorded with the artist and producer Rian Philips.

The lyric video and song video are out on Youtube here:

And you also find the Spotify version here:

Last year we came 5th in the final of AfriMusic Song Contest with this song:
In September we will have a live performance singing this song together with our children's choir Rising Star at the live outdoor event "Trasdockans dag" to support children being exposed to abuse. We also performed at this yearly event the last couple of years (2019, 2018, 2017) as well as "Se barnen" at the beginning of this year. We really hope that we can all stay safe and that this event will not be cancelled. We are however fortunate that it's outside in Humlegården park in Stockholm so we may have a chance to keep some distance and still be able to perform.
Being a live artist today is not very easy as the concerts have been cancelled and it's quite difficult to plan for an event as arrangers, coaches like we are and still make it possible. We are also planning to practise vocals and moves outside in a park where we live where we can rent an outdoor stage if we cannot be inside in our regular venue. There is a lockdown at the local venue in town where we can have classes and recordings through our organization, so although we are a limited number of persons it's not open and that is of course sad and everything we planned for has been cancelled. Culture and music is important for all people so even though we also like staying at home and doing music on our own by the computers in our home studios, we cannot bring all people home where we live and so we have to close down the business and most of our projects until further notice.
We are looking for more Swedish children who wants to join us for this performance though, so please get in touch if you are interested!

Do you want to work with us and our music? Do you have a studio or home studio where you live? Do you want to release one of our songs or a cover song? Right now we offer to work online if you can arrange with a vocal recording yourself and we'll do the mix.



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