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Happy Easter friends!

It's been a long and cold winter in Sweden and finally we've got some sun and warmer weather right in time for the Easter holiday and weekend! ūüíõ    How did you celebrate your Easter this year? We decided to take some family time and really enjoy the extra free days from our regular work as well as a little space from the music projects.  However we started off this Friday meeting up with the lovely Swedish Melodifestival artist Anna Book to do some vocal recordings in our studio. We had such a great time just as earlier when we have met. Alot of hard work of course, but also alot of joy, talking and laughter and we really share the same passion and goal for music while doing these projects together. Hoping to be able to share more with you soon. Right now we are working on different recordings that will be a secret so far, but the common theme is strength, passion and being true to who your are, so stay tuned! This week we also received the TOP 5 position

Health Event with music, yoga, mindfulness and beauty!

At the end of last year we came up with an exciting idea to host our own first event after a few successful co hosted events last year in fashion, art and xmas. Music is our passion, but what if we could combine it with mindfulness, health and beauty? A theme that is crucial in our daily lives. To balance our regular full time jobs with music on Fridays, weekends and evenings, we want to stay healthy and are always looking for ways to feel better. We had the opportunity to work together with some dear friends that we have known for shorter or longer periods who are very professional in their fields and after a few months of planning it was finally time to make this possible! In the venue Allaktivitetshuset in Sundbyberg, in our home town we arranged the event "Kropp & Själ" in an old cinema theatre that has been remade for events and meetings for locals. Together with our child choir Rising Star we have been practising singing and dancing during the winter and did