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Summer in Sweden! 🌞

The Summer holiday is coming to an end and that familiar feeling is creeping up your skin when you know it's time to get back to work again. 😞đŸ’ȘAt the same time all the lovely memories from the past weeks are still in your head and you know from experience that after a few days things and emotions are back to normal again. 💛 The first day back at work is usually quite pleasant, meeting all the coworkers and chatting while having one or more Swedish fika's. However the second day may feel like worse than ever but after that things are getting better. 😉😅 How was your Summer? Did you get any rest? We're summing up a warm, sunny, rainy, happy, friendly Summer where we decided to stay in Sweden and visit great places and get alot of rest. This also made some space for music sessions and we had two really great ones with the fantastic songwriter/artist Dotter from Mello and the artist Daniel who did the official Pride song for Sthlm! Both have amazing voices and tal