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Wedding gala event with glamour!

It was a wrap! In the beautiful venue Eric Ericsonhallen a cold November day we took a taxi in our gala dresses - all 3 girls!! - to a beautiful wedding gala event invited by the fabulous Erwik Communiciation.

Inspiring and beautiful interior with a lounge section of mid east theme, excellent snacks and drinks and a generous goodie bag! Lovely wedding dresses were shown on the catwalk and we also got to try professional makeup as well as bringing home sparkling jewely. Music entertainment on a stage and photos on the red carpet! What more can 3 girls expect?

Listen to our own wedding song Allt vi nånsin ville with Gunilla Backman on Spotify: or Youtube: 🤵👰 

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Concert "Kärlek" with child choir Rising Star

Since 2-3 years back we are coaching stage performance and singing for the local show choir Rising Star with children (age 7-11) from Sundbyberg in Lilla Alby skolan.

The theme for the autumn concert was LOVE (Kärlek) with songs about how it feels being love and having all the feelings inside. Check out the show here!

The young star Sebastian Rydgren joined us on the final song together with Rising Star.

Rising Star is also on Instagram and Tik tok @ylvalinda so please follow!  😍🤩🤗🌞🌟🎵🎶🎼🎤📽📸

This year we started a cooperation with the school to use the aula with a stage that we pimped with a black background, golden bling bling and lovely paintings made by the children. As always the snacks and drinks were the highlight of the afternoon.

The audience gave us a great response and it's always touching to receive gifts after the show at the end of …

Boost event by Better You

To recharge our batteries for the Winter and darkness this green event boosted us to be a Better You with inspiring health and wellness topics, smoothies, drinks and goodie bags!

Met new inspiring people and so happy to also win the special prize and gift card for best selfie. Erwik Communication hosted two events in Stockholm together with Better You Sverige.

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Trasdockans dag with Rising Star

To support children being exposed to abuse and violence the yearly manifestation Trasdockans dag arranged by ATSUB (Amanda Kullenberg)  took place in Stockholm at Centralen this Sunday. We had the honour to take part singing with our child choir Rising Star together with the young artist Sebastian Rydgren our own song Speak UP and the covers Mod and Fight Song. To support charity with music is something we feel is very important and it was very appreciated. The girls bursted with happiness for performing live at the central station and we had a great day!

Speak UP:
Fight Song:

We received lovely roses for taking part!

Scholarship of culture on the Swedish national day

So honored to receive the scholarship of culture for Sundbyberg on the national day of Sweden at Golfängarna, for our efforts as vocal coaches with the show choir Rising Star and our work as songwriters and producers for songs like Speak UP against bullying. What a beautiful day to receive this prize on the big stage at the celebrations of our national day!

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Opening night at Sailor Bar

To bring on the Summer and celebrate the opening night at Sailor Bar on Sjöfartshotellet in Slussen we were invited by Erwik Communication to join in as sailorettes at a cool event with DJ, live music by Margaret, drinks, candy and snacks. Had some great conversations with new people and enjoyed the open air at this venue. Recommended if you are hosting a medium sized party! Check out our webshop and offers for DIGITAL RELEASE, A&R, SONGWRITING here:

Hot party at ice cold bar!

It was opening night of the new Icebar Stockholm at Icehotel, Hotel C and we came in red jumpsuits to enjoy mingle, music, ice cold drinks and food. All guests were invited by Erwik Communication to visit the icebar inside the hotel where it was -7 degrees so we got to borrow warm coats and had drinks in real ice cups!

It was also a warm experience meeting alot of nice people and enjoying live music!

Press photo by : Karina Ljungdahl

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Final Spring Show for Rising Star

It is the final Spring Show for our choir Rising Star where we are coaching singing and performances. This time in Allaktivitetshuset, Festvåningen in Sundbyberg! Friends, parents and relatives were invited to a show with mixed top hit songs from various popular artists and the venue was crowded! Alot of snacks and drinks were offered to all guests and the kids and the place was bursting with high energy!

Check out the performances here:

💖 Girls:
💖 Let me love you:
💖 Never forget you:
💖 Light it up:

Spring Saturday in Sundbyberg with Rising Star

On a chilly Spring Saturday in Sundbyberg we were invited to perform in the heart of the city to celebrate the end of Winter together with our child choir Rising Star. The sun was shining on us but the wind was chilly while singing our own produced songs as well as top hit covers. Interviews and the arrangements were held by Lions and alot of people joined us to see the performance.