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Fenix band VIP Charity Gala Dinner

This week has been very up and down for us with some disappointments that may lead us in the wrong direction than expected, so it was a happy surprise to receive the VIP invitation to the Charity Gala and dinner at Östasiatiska (The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities) in Stockholm from Cawa Media. We love when life is spinning and good energy is flowing, so this week has made us seriously thinking about how to approach next year and find a better balance in cooperations with music.  Press photos by Cawa media The gala had a black tie dress code, so the place was crowded with fancy dresses and glamour to light up the Saturday evening! We wore lace jumpsuits in black from However the purpose for the evening was charity and support for cancer rehab and collect money, which of course is a very important cause! The host of the evening shared her tragical story about being diagnosed with cancer and pregnant at the same time. Luckily her son was born and is alive today and

Christmas release - Zara & Jessica - Saknar dig så

We're heading towards Christmas and are so happy to present our new Christmas single release in Swedish called "Saknar dig så" (Miss you) with Zara & Jessica, former Sarek, Melodifestivalen published by Twinflame and Universal Music Sweden.  Spotify: We started working during Summer time with a new idea from Jessica and it ended up in a cowrite where we also did the production together with a great team of musicians and producers; Niklas Bergqvist, Simon Johansson, Dan Sjöberg, Göran Månsson, Niklas Pebbe Vigren . As usual we sing the backing vocals too. The message of this song is about the loss of a dear friend and how difficult that can be particularly during the holiday season. Hope you want to have a listen on Spotify and watch and listen to the lyric video to get you into the right Christmas mode. The lovely cover and illustration is made by Jonatan Mårtensson and Anton Salvin. The opening relea

Grand opening for Christmas at Engelen

Tonight we had the pleasure of being invited by the one and only Johan Carlén to the grand opening at Engelen in Stockholm to celebrate the start of this year's Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord! Just like last year it was a very generous table of irresistible, tasty traditional Swedish Christmas food that was served with finesse at the delightful restaurant covering alot of history. We wore rose velvet dresses from Nelly . Thanks for having us!💗 Swarowski  jewelry from Lindas smycken . Photo by Cawa media   On stage Robert Wells Orchestra together with Maria Wells & The Vocalettes were entertaining with sizzling Christmas music. We met up with some interesting new celebrities as well as familiar faces and had such a great time. If you are ever in the Old town of Stockholm, we recommend you to visit Engelen and grab a bite. As usual Johan Carlén did a splendid job hosting a brilliant event with all the right guests making us feeling welcome.               

New Christmas single - Anna Book - Ett julkort ifrån dej

November, December....the days are passing by but the dream is still present.... Did you start preparing for Christmas yet? Maybe made your list of Christmas presents and thought about writing Christmas cards? 💗If so this is the perfect song for you to get in the right Christmas spirit. We had the great opportunity to work on a Christmas song with the Mello star Anna Book, a song that she originally released back in the 80's, but now we've worked together with her on a new, acoustic, feel good version that we hope will bring some light and joy into the Christmas season. The song is called "Ett julkort ifrån dej" and was orginally written by Ingela Pling Forsman a well known lyricist from Melodifestivalen. We released it through our own publishing company Twinflame and Universal Music. When we started working with Anna at the beginning of this year we talked about releasing a Christmas song and this song was the obvious choice for her so a few months ago we start

Health, soul and beauty event at Strandvägen

Such a great honour to be invited by Christina Nilsson at to a glorious evening for your body, mind and soul! They say that beauty comes from within and that trends do not make us as beautiful and naturally attractive as we aim for. So how do we make it happen? 😍✨💃💝    Photo by Katriina Mäkinen   With sparkling non alcoholic champagne in the glasses and healthy snacks from Ekoreko, holistic inspiration and generous goodie bags we found some new energy in November to get going. 🍏💄🥂🎁  Alexandra Zazzi from Biggest Looser VIP was talking about healthy beauty ideals, and how to stay aware of your lifestyle and weight, Linda Myrberg from Nordic Superfood by Myrberg talked about a new collagen product with algiers, unique in Europe! Passion on the dance floor with Chakra Balance Dance by Christina! 💃 We wore red leather jackets to brighten up the darkness and had a blast meeting up with friends and new acquaintances! Mingling with