Pride Festival Stockholm and New single Courageous ❤️💛💚💙💜

Happy Pride Everyone! ❤️💛💚💙💜 So wonderful to share our latest Pride single with you, COURAGEOUS with the amazing artist Alex Falk with huge experience from musicals, bands, TV, Idol and Wallmans! On top of the release we got the opportunity to perform it live on the Pride Festival in Stockholm, a dream come true for us! Check out the Stockholm Pride Gala Night Stage Stream here on Aftonbladet.

Here is the single on Spotify produced together with Rickard Bonde Truumeel: Spotify ► Lyric video on Youtube  Fantastic stage and on set with one of the best teams in Sweden
Livestream on Youtube

We had an exciting day starting with rehearsals during the afternoon, doing makeup and preparing with costumes for the live stream in the evening when we went back to perform.
We also did some modelling for makeup!
We believe in equal rights and to love who ever you want! That's also what th…

Filming, Photoshooting and Livestreaming with Zara & Jessica in Sthlm

Some weeks ago we decided to meet up with Zara & Jessica (former Sarek, Melodifestivalen) in Stockholm to do a filming and photo session for our upcoming songs and projects. 👌👍💛 
Really excited to keep working on all these magical tunes that we hope to share with you in one way or another in the near future. It may not have been unnoticed that we have created a super team with the girls since the last couple of years and we aim to continue releasing music in the pop folk genre together! If we also reach our common goals together time will tell, but we keep our hopes high and a positive mind and are working hard behind the scenes. We will be sharing some secrets in this blog, so keep reading!
When Sweden opened up for travelling within the country we could finally decide a date to meet, but doing live gigs is still very difficult so instead we decided to film and take photos for our coming singles at some beautiful places in Stockholm, Södermalm with a view! Exciting and a new exp…

Det hjärta som blöder - Zara & Jessica - Release and Live Stream

We are happy to present our new release with Zara & Jessica (former Sarek, Melodifestivalen) "Det hjärta som blöder" (Bleading heart) that is out on all platforms published by Twinflame and W Records! 


The song is about saying goodbye, which hurts when a heart breaks, but it's all good and will be ok! Written and produced together with the girls and Jonas Nilsson as well as the violinist Danne married to Jessica. It all started with an idea from Jessica and we did a cowrite and involved musicians and producers to finalize. This has become a way of working for us, one of us has an idea and then we add layers and put it together which is a great collab! This time we also involved Westin productions for management and release to aim higher and we are planning for more songs coming soon, so stay tuned! 

The video we produced is a cooperation between local companies in Kristianstad and Östersund where Zara and Jessica lives and we were hap…

Finalists in P4 Nästa Stockholm and Kalmar

Fantastic news to be finalists in the Swedish radio competition P4 Nästa with 2 songs, in Stockholm and Kalmar! 👍😊 The voting is open until June 5 in Stockholm and June 1 in Kalmar and you can send 10 SMS votes for each song!

G Curtis, Say you don't feel love:💗
It all started with a song idea from Greg and a meeting a couple of years ago when we met for a session and recorded a few other songs in our studio. We got the idea to do a cowrite for Say you don't feel love and aim for P4 Nästa, so we worked on the melody, lyrics and arrangements/pre production and involved the producer Rickard Bonde Trumeel to finalize. Also Erik Lewander was involved as songwriter and producer from the start. After months of work and waiting, we finally found out that it was secretly selected when Swedish Radio Stockholm called Greg and us and said we are one of 5 finalists. Such amazing news! Greg was really taken by surprise and we urgently released the song t…

Top 10 Finalist in AfriMusic Song Contest with Everybody

Wonderful news! We made it to the TOP 10 as finalists in the AfriMusic Song Contest 2020 with the artist Leote Taylor from South Africa and our song Everybody! We really appreciate all the wonderful support and votes that we have received during the last weeks that made us reach the 5th place in public votes! It's been a lot of thumbs up from all of you and we are so happy for all the great response for the song and we hope you will keep listening and sharing! 

113 contestants from 24 African Countries where fighting for a place to reach the final in March competing in the first round. We were really happy to make it to the final top 30 at the first stage! Last year the winner went to Eurovision to perform, but this year will of course be different because of corona. See results here:

The song was produced together with our great team players Rickard Bonde Trumeel and Patric Skog who we really enjoy working with. Leote Taylor i…

New release - Global melting love with Imaa Queen

Today we released the new single "Global Melting Love" with the avantgardista artist no 1 - Imaa Queen! 💙💚 This energizing house club song with 90's elements is written and produced together with the amazing team Robin Kvarnström and Niclas Haglund. Jenny Puronne is the photo artist who did the cover and music video that is also out on Youtube. Here is the version on Spotify:
The theme of global caring and global melting is an universally known subject and also very suitable during these difficult times when we all must come together and find strength. It is also about how we destroy what we love, the relationships, our world and feel hate instead of finding a better place to live in. 💗

For those of you who think the melody is familiar, you are right! This is a new version, production and lyrics of a Eurovision song we released a few years ago, but we believe in giving interesting songs a new life and so we did!

Imaa Queen is a very interesting a…

Glitter & Glamour Café Opera AW - Finalists ESC Belarus and Moldova

Always a pleasure to get invited to Johan Carlén's sensational and classy events at Café Opera in Stockholm. This time it was even more glam when the theme was Glitter and Glamour! Isn't that a perfect way to spend a Friday evening? 😁👍💗 Sparkling drinks and tasty signature main courses were served and we had alot of friendly chats with new and familiar guests as well as celebrities. Thanks for having us and we are so grateful for the invitations and the press photos taken on these occations! 

 Photo by Cawa media  Photo by Cawa media We wore black sequin dresses with Long Sleeve Open Front Sequin blazers from and Sarah Shahid Designer Jewelry earrings in silver, rhodium and gold plated with American diamonds.
Photos by Cawa media Tonight we also have a finalist in Eurovision Belarus - Anastasia who will perform our song "Invisible" in the live show! So exciting! There will be a slightly different more pop/rock version for the show and here you can …

Norway Melodi Grand Prix - here we go!

A few months ago we got a wonderful surprise in the mailbox directly from the head of delegation at NRK that our song "We are as one" was selected to compete in Melodi Grand Prix - MGP Eurovision Norway 2020! After years of trying with different songs and artists we finally got this exciting chance and with one of our favourite songs of all times, so it's hard to describe the happiness and gratitude as well as surprise that was flowing within us reading this email! BUT we could not tell anyone, because it was a secret until the official release in February, ouch! 😂 
See the live performance here:

We started finishing the final version with the awesome artist/songwriter/producer "Elin & the Woods" (Elin & Robin) to reach the deadline, as well as our trustworthy and talented musicians and friends Patric Skog on soulful guitars and Björn …