New release - Global melting love with Imaa Queen

Today we released the new single "Global Melting Love" with the avantgardista artist no 1 - Imaa Queen! 💙💚 This energizing house club song with 90's elements is written and produced together with the amazing team Robin Kvarnström and Niclas Haglund. Jenny Puronne is the photo artist who did the cover and music video that is also out on Youtube. Here is the version on Spotify:
The theme of global caring and global melting is an universally known subject and also very suitable during these difficult times when we all must come together and find strength. It is also about how we destroy what we love, the relationships, our world and feel hate instead of finding a better place to live in. 💗

For those of you who think the melody is familiar, you are right! This is a new version, production and lyrics of a Eurovision song we released a few years ago, but we believe in giving interesting songs a new life and so we did!

Imaa Queen is a very interesting a…

Glitter & Glamour Café Opera AW - Finalists ESC Belarus and Moldova

Always a pleasure to get invited to Johan CarlĂ©n's sensational and classy events at CafĂ© Opera in Stockholm. This time it was even more glam when the theme was Glitter and Glamour! Isn't that a perfect way to spend a Friday evening? 😁👍💗 Sparkling drinks and tasty signature main courses were served and we had alot of friendly chats with new and familiar guests as well as celebrities. Thanks for having us and we are so grateful for the invitations and the press photos taken on these occations! 

 Photo by Cawa media  Photo by Cawa media We wore black sequin dresses with Long Sleeve Open Front Sequin blazers from and Sarah Shahid Designer Jewelry earrings in silver, rhodium and gold plated with American diamonds.
Photos by Cawa media Tonight we also have a finalist in Eurovision Belarus - Anastasia who will perform our song "Invisible" in the live show! So exciting! There will be a slightly different more pop/rock version for the show and here you can …

Norway Melodi Grand Prix - here we go!

A few months ago we got a wonderful surprise in the mailbox directly from the head of delegation at NRK that our song "We are as one" was selected to compete in Melodi Grand Prix - MGP Eurovision Norway 2020! After years of trying with different songs and artists we finally got this exciting chance and with one of our favourite songs of all times, so it's hard to describe the happiness and gratitude as well as surprise that was flowing within us reading this email! BUT we could not tell anyone, because it was a secret until the official release in February, ouch! 😂 
See the live performance here:

We started finishing the final version with the awesome artist/songwriter/producer "Elin & the Woods" (Elin & Robin) to reach the deadline, as well as our trustworthy and talented musicians and friends Patric Skog on soulful guitars and Björn …

Se barnen - event at Centralen against child abuse

For a few years we have been supporting Atsub, the organisation helping children being exposed to abuse, by attending "Trasdockans dag" and now we were invited to perform at the event "Se barnen" (see the children) and sing our song "Fearless" with Rising Star at Stockholm Central station. The main purpose was a celebration when the convention for children became law and of course we wanted to support this important cause. "Fearless" is the official song for Trasdockan and it's been frequently performed at different great venues since the release.

We had the pleasure of seeing so many people joining us in the event. The pirate princess Rubina was the host helping out sending flaskposts to the politicians, child dancers took part and other artists for example Sebastian Rydgren who is the official singer on our single. 

The girls interviewed by the host.

A few months ago we had the honour to be part at Trasdockans dag at Volvo Studio in Kungstr…

6 songs in Eurovision 2020

What a great start of 2020, and the best time of the year for us when it comes to music and our passion Eurovision! 💖 Finally we have been selected for Eurovision and can present 6 songs taking part in the live auditions for Moldova (Feb 1) and Belarus (Jan 27)! Familiar countries for us as songwriters with many songs through the years and we also went as backing vocalists to both countries twice to sing live in the TV broadcasts on 6 songs in total that we are very proud of! đŸ’Ș
We really hope that you will follow our new songs, listen, like, comment and vote!! They are out on Youtube and shortly on Spotify and Apple music as well!💓

Eurovision Moldova - Remedy - Viorela Moraru (Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel): This song is about breaking free from difficulties, trying to find the "cure" to never give up on yourself. Viorela's brilliant voice and add ons makes this song so vibrant and alive. As usual we did the backing vocals and this song actually ha…

Grand opening of Café Opera SoulTrain AW

When CafĂ© Opera in Stockholm was redecorating the venue we were excited to be invited to the grand opening for CafĂ© Opera Soultrain AW! 

Sparkling drinks and the tasty signature main courses were served on this event and we met alot of great people, new faces and celebs as well as fab friends.

On the new colourful dance floor DJ René & Tim Henri played the best music! Thanks Johan Carlén for this amazing event and for the invitation!

Even though it's still January it feels like Spring is on it's way and we wanted to leave winter for a while having white wide trousers to golden bling sequin crop tops from Nelly. Also gold pearl earrings from Sarah Shahid. Giving our hair some rest from all the extensions and colouring trying a shorter haircut than usual and for those with sharp eyes you may notice that we don't have the exact length either. We may be twins but we actually have some differences in hair types so we are sorry to not keeping up with the mirror look alike image…

Year in review 2019

2019 in review! This year is coming to an end and we're going to give all the up's and down's and share all the goodies in one blog post, so let's start! đŸ‘đŸ’„đŸ’–Just like last year it's been very productive, we met many new exciting people and did a lot of great cooperations and releases! For Eurovision we competed with 5 great songs and managed to reach Serbia as a new country. We released almost 100 Youtube videos and reached 1 million views + 16 singles on Spotify and iTunes. There has been many international TV performances during the years, but now we had another approach and worked very hard to reach Swedish TV for one of our songs and to do the backing vocals live. This has been a long-time goal and dream for us that has seemed almost impossible to reach despite a lot of efforts. We came very close and were on the verge of signing the contract. But due to illness this was unfortunately cancelled which was a hard setback for us trying to reach an important mil…