Melfest WKND STHLM 2019 @ Münchenbryggeriet and Club Backdoor

Saturday night, Mello Final and we had an amazing and looong day with 2 performances in Stockholm! Did the right song win in Melodifestivalen, what do you think? 😊 

In the early afternoon we were really happy to finally meet up again with the artists Zara & Jessica (former Sarek) to sing together after having been working on several songs and projects since almost one year back. Such a great team! 👍 This time 2 schlager gigs in Stockholm was on the agenda where we had the pleasure of backing them up on stage. First we went to Münchenbryggeriet to Melodifestivalklubben's Melfest WKND Party where we did our first souncheck and rehearsals. Of course they sang their big Mello hit "Genom eld och vatten" and we also got to do our Summer hit single "En helt ny dag" that we released last year. It means alot to us to be able to perform our own songs with the girls and also do the backup for their hits, especially on this occation and at a place with the right Mello…

The MelFest Wknd Sthlm 2019 Pre Party Press Conference

Tomorrow is the Mello final for 2019, who do you think will take the winning place? Tonight is the MELFEST WKND STHLM 2019 PRE PARTY at the club Estelle and we had the pleasure of joining the press conference meet and greet with the artists and also get an interview about our own journey.
Melodifestivalklubben (where we have been members since 15 years back!!) together with Peter and Erik hosted the party and we got to meet up with winners from 2019 from Norway, France, Denmark and also national selection artists from Finland and Lithuania and had a great time. All the artists are doing performances with their Eurovision songs on the pre party so the fans will have a chance to meet up with their stars.

Today we also got interviewed about our journey for Eurovision over the years and we feel really proud of all the work we put down on our 40 competing songs in 17 countries since 2013. Every year is unique and even though we worked as much or more than the …

Hairstyle and fashion Gala at Venue81

The weather outside in Sweden is pretty aweful this time of year, both cold, rainy and icy streets, so it was wonderful to arrive to the warm and welcoming event arranged by Erwik communciation at the cool place Venue81 in the centre of Stockholm to enjoy sparkling wine, delicious food and snacks, networking and listening to good music by great artists as well as seeing a great fashion show and awards. A generous goodiebag with hair and beauty products was given when we went home. We went together with good friends and had a blast!
Photo: Photo: @cajmnorlen There was an award for this year's model of the brand Hårkontroll as well as for the guest with the best costume. Bobby Odancu showed hairstyles, Cecilia Kallin from Melodifestivalen och Michel Young played fantastic music and the brilliant hostesses
on stage were Alexandra 'Kissie' Nilsson & Eva Nazemson.

Products and sponsors from Kronans apotek, Foci, Make Up Store, Magic Steps etc.
Our good friends in…

TV show Breaking News with twin memory

Had a blast and the most crazy experience tonight at Filmhuset in Stockholm where we were part of the live TV show Breaking News on Channel 5 Swedish TV. 
A couple of days ago we got recommended to be part of a game where they were looking for identical twins for this TV show memory game where 5 twin couples should stay behind slots. The invited celebrities played the game trying to match the right twins by opening the slots one by one.
It was awesome to meet up with these like-minded people and identical twin couples who know exactly what its like to be have a sister or brother every day. Some lived together, some worked together and we all have very regular interactions. Some were active as actors which was very inspiring. We share a lot of similar life experiences and the same  high energy which is very rare to meet for us in our daily lives. We had some wonderful talks and a lot of laughter before and during the show and everyone was very focused. We sure were the big excitement at …

Moldova and Belarus Eurovision 2019!

What a fantastic Eurovision week! 😊 We are selected to compete in both Belarus and Moldova Eurovision 2019 and released 3 songs in 3 days, also the song for Lithuania Eurovision! We are also proud to announce that we have reached a collection of incredibly 40 SONGS in total for Eurovision 2013-2019!
Ala Zasmenco is competing with our song "Emergency" in the Moldovan selection for Eurovision. The song is written together with Andreas Björkman and Adriana Pupavac and is a rythmic pop etno song. On Feb 2nd there will be live auditions on national TV and we keep our fingers crossed for a place in the final. 
Listen here:
Live TV auditions:
"A better you" is a strong pop/rock ballad written together with Simon Johansson and Niklas Bergqvist, Tracks of Sweden and will compete in the Belarusian Eurovision selection. The artist Евгений Долич will perform the song in the live auditions on …

Fadimegalan, charity gala for human rights and theatre at Dramaten

For the second year in a row we were invited to Fadimegalan at Berns salonger in Stockholm, a charity gala for human rights against honor related violence supporting women who are victims in cooperation with the organisation GAPF. A very important subject that we want to support.

 Press photo by Roja Studios.
The gala was arranged by Erwik Communications with an impressive lineup of artists for the show; Loreen, Tommy Körberg, Lisa Nilsson, Helin Aro, Dilba, ​Helena Bergström, Malin Mases Arvidsson, Bahar Pars etc. 
There was an amazing show with speaches and music entertainment for the invited guests as well as non alcoholic drinks and fruits and we had a great time meeting up with old and new faces.

Last year we acted as volunteers and event hostesses hosting guests, artists and press, supporting and helping at the reception which was both a big honour and a big challenge.

Today we had red tights, black coats and crop tops from

If you want to support GAPF and are from Swed…