Trasdockan 2019 against child abuse

Every year "Trasdockans dag" is arranged as a manifestation to raise a voice for children being exposed to abuse and violence by ATSUB (Amanda Kullenberg) together with Erwik Communciation. 

We had the honour to take part for two years with our child choir Rising Star and this year at Volvo Studio in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm was no exception. Last year we wrote the official song "Fearless" for Trasdockan and now we performed the Swedish song "Olika men lika" that is about how to stay true to yourself no matter who you are or where you are from and it's important for us to spread a message for charity to help the exposed.

The theme this year was gold and yellow so we wore some bling bling dresses and bright colours to light up the evening at this fantastic place with alot of wonderful people doing speeches, performing music, lauging yoga and activities for both young and old.
We had the pleasure of taking press photos with Rising Star and were treated …

Summer in Sweden! 🌞

The Summer holiday is coming to an end and that familiar feeling is creeping up your skin when you know it's time to get back to work again. 😞💪At the same time all the lovely memories from the past weeks are still in your head and you know from experience that after a few days things and emotions are back to normal again. 💛 The first day back at work is usually quite pleasant, meeting all the coworkers and chatting while having one or more Swedish fika's. However the second day may feel like worse than ever but after that things are getting better. 😉😅 How was your Summer? Did you get any rest?

We're summing up a warm, sunny, rainy, happy, friendly Summer where we decided to stay in Sweden and visit great places and get alot of rest. This also made some space for music sessions and we had two really great ones with the fantastic songwriter/artist Dotter from Mello and the artist Daniel who did the official Pride song for Sthlm! Both have amazing voices and talents, both…

Busy day! Music session and Summer Party!

We're getting closer to the Summer holidays! 🌞 Only a couple of "Music Fridays" left before we're taking a break, not only from our regular 9-5 daily work, but also from music work and today definitely was a great and busy one! 👍😁

Photo: Cawa Media
We started the morning with a fabulous music meeting, and session in our studio with lovely Anna Book, the big Swedish Melodifestivalen star and icon. 🙌 We've been working a few months on different projects together that we hope to be able to share with you in the future. Today we wanted to meet for a more relaxed session, trying out some new spontanious ideas and see if they could work for a release or just make some quick stuff that we would actually be able to share with you guys! Check out and follow our Instagram and Facebook stories as well as our Youtube channel to see what happened! ->  ->
Here is a short clip from the session: I…

Winners of P4 Nästa Kristianstad

Yes! We won P4 Nästa Kristianstad local radio contest with Zara & Jessica and our song Dansar med vinden, a song with the important message about mental illness that is so common nowadays! Thank you so much for helping us, we are so grateful and happy, it means the world to us! Tonight was the final with live performances at Tivoliparken in Kristianstad, Sweden for P4 Nästa after one month of hard work of promotion and votings.
Listen to the song here:
It all started at the beginning of this year when we received a melody idea from Jessica and we started doing a cowrite together to aim for this competition. We worked on the melody and lyrics and arrangements/pre production and then we involved the producers Niklas and Simon and also the violinist Danne who is also Jessica's husband. After months of work and waiting we finally found out that the song and the artists were selected in April among only 5 finalists! Zar…

1 year anniversary at Glashuset

We were really excited to receive a personal invitation by post 📨💌😲🤩 from the owner of Glashuset Christos, a modern brasserie situated by the deck of Strandvägen with creative design and tastes. 🥂💖
Walking down Strandvägen this evening among green trees, blue water with the sun in our faces gave us a great Summer vibe. 🌞 Now is the peak of school examinations for happy students in Sweden and we are heading for Midsummer and holidays. Luckily we still have it in front of us and it's great to look back when autumn and winter is coming! 
Great buffé were served

The place was bursting with cheerful people and well known celebrities. We got sparkling drinks to cool down the tasty food. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and all the nice talks. John Lundvik, the winner of Melodifestivalen did a fantastic performance on stage with Too late for love!

We had golden sequin mini dresses with black over the knee boots for a luxury…

The grilling season is here!

Finally the Summer is coming to Stockholm and it's the time of the year when Swedes are heading out of their kitchens and onto the deck getting ready for the grilling season! 
 Photo: Photo by Cawa Media We were invited to the VIP lounge at Galärfältet next to the Vasa Museum and Djurgården by Johan Carlén to an amazing event of party, drinks and tastes. 
The famous chef Jureskog was competing against the American chef A Biderman for the best burger! And guess who won?? 😋 This event is also part of the big event Sverigedagarna held during the end of May.
We dressed in white blazers but had to change the Summer outfit we had planned to something warmer as it was a chilly day in May. We had a blast meeting up with our favourite friends as well as new aquaintances! As usual there were press photos on the red carpet!
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