New songs and memory lane 2023

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 💝 We wanted to wish you a happy season by sharing our latest Christmas releases but also go back the memory lane in 2023 to celebrate 10 years as songwriters for Eurovision!

We are proud of what we accomplished and grateful for all the fabulous team players that helped us on the way! 👍 This year has been a chance for us to rethink and find better ways to work in teams. We are taking baby steps towards more balance and setting boundaries while still reaching the goals. We already got some good news about the Eurovision season 2024, but will share that in the next blog! Thanks a lot to all of you supporting our music! Don't forget to make your own REELS, TIKTOK'S and STORIES of our songs! Just search for music and Ylva & Linda, it's very easy and totally free! 🙏 
If you are a loyal follower you may have seen that we released a special song to celebrate 10 years of Eurovision! We also posted in stories and reels about what has become part of our ever day tasks working with music. This competition as well as the journey with many other music projects helped us develop our skills. Grateful that the song was played on Radio Viking and! 👉

We are happy to share a joyful Christmas release with you! We met Maja Söderström, a talented actress (Annie Intiman, Snövit Göta Lejon, Djungelboken, CMore/TV4) and child artist (performed with Carola, featured at Allsång på Skansen) a few years ago to record a song for TV and last year we started a cowrite that finally was recorded, finished and could be released this year! Hope you like it! It's produced together with Rickard Bonde Truumeel. Grateful that the song is added to Music Friday Sweden and many other big Spotify playlists! 👉

So happy and proud to work with the Swedish artist Agneta Olzzon, a well known artist with many years of experience, having had songs on Svensktoppen Swedish radio, Bingolotto and was also part of the well known band Martinez. This happy schlager song "En riktig jul" is written and co produced by us together with Agneta and Peter Grundberg and had premiere at P4 Norrbotten radio station. 👉

We are also releasing our own Christmas song and video this year, "Merry Christmas" that we hope will be shared alot on Tiktok and in your stories and reels! Rickard Bonde Truumeel joined us on this one too! Out on Youtube, Insta, FB, Tiktok on Christmas Eve!

As you may have seen we have supported and celebrated Pride for many years, as equality is a theme close to our hearts! 2023 and 2024 is no exception! We had the pleasure of doing the official Pride song for Karlskrona this Summer with Zara & Jessica (former Sarek) 👉 followed up by a fantastic dream come true live performance when we released a cover version of "Genom eld och vatten (Sarek's big Mello hit) for Sthlm Pride. The huge audience was amazing and we are so happy we got to experience this! 👉


Coming up in 2024 is our 4th official Pride song for Lillehammer in Norway. This year with the artist Adam Svensson! The song is a fresh remake of something we wrote very long time ago that finally found it's place in the Universe of music! The lyrics have been changed to the theme "Welcome to Vinterpride" but the basics of the text and melody are still there. We are happy to have Janne Hyöty joining us on this song. Maybe (if requested) we'll also add a little nostalgia and release something from the original version with our voices and another duo of artists that recorded this song from the very beginning. 😉 It's really amazing to see the journey of a song, how long it will have to travel until reaching it's destination and usually there are many versions made on the way. This song however was not recorded as much as others, but there is a special energy to the songs that have to wait longer than others. 👉

We did several successful performances in 2023 and are so grateful for the invitations.
A sunny and warm day at Josefina, Djurgården i Sthlm we had the honour to sing our own songs with the artist and medium, good friend and personal coach 💗 Sara Ekholm! We recently published a new song with Sara that was performed live at her spiritual event and release party! More about our latest gigs here 👉

We had the pleasure to perform our own songs "Everybody" and "Surrender" at the Café Opera Pride Tribute Party for a fantastic audience! Surrender was the official Pride song for Iceland and Malmö and Everybody (Afri Music Song Contest) has the message of being someone who makes others feel like somebody. For us this means to give others a chance to be who they truly are. A nice surprise to be featured in both Hänt Extra and Hänt i veckan tabloid magazines with so many lovely comments and photos taken by the amazing photographers at Café Opera! Go to the FB/Insta links at the bottom and check out more photos and reels! The songs are out on Spotify 👉

We've become regulars at Café Opera After Work events the last few years, which you may have noticed 😉 but unfortunately in August, after the Monica Bergmark's celebration of 40 years as DJ, they suddenly came to an end as the venue was getting renovated and the doors closed until something new will arise (we do not know when or how). Hopefully we'll be back again or will be able to perform at a new place as our planned Oktoberfest gig was unfortunately cancelled. What theme do you propose we should do next time? 😁 In the photo below we are wearing sequin bling tights by MAXJENNY and colourful earrings from ByFossdal. Photo by Charlotte Brunzell Fd Simonsson.

When things come to an end new things arise. We were invited to a colourful Pink Party Event at the new restaurant Kasai with Asian specialities and lovely cocktails and were really happy to get featured in the tabloid Hänt i veckan as the double pink artist twins! 😁 Photo by Cawa Media.

Witch is witch?
😆 We came to the Kasai Halloween Party de luxe in black hair and red devil glasses to enjoy the spooky season! 👻 Photo by Cawa Media.
We were also invited by Bindefeld to the opening of Club Callas at
 the legendary Hamburger Börs in Stockholm. A new concept with opera music and nightclub that will be open once a month. We enjoyed the fantastic live opera music performances. Photo by Clas Lindstål.

Penny Smitt, the talented child artist and actress, that we worked with for several years to build her music career, also released a new song with us that came 3rd in Little shells song festival in Serbia! It will also be broadcasted on Serbian TV at the end of this year - wow!

Wanna know more about us?

We are always looking for YOUR SUPPORT with recommending us talented artists, producers, collabs and connections who are interested to work with us and our songs for Eurovision. We are looking forward to find great team players and reach goals together. We think it's important to have the same drive and vision. Others often see us as managers or labels, but we are actually just independent songwriters who believe in working in teams where all do their part to reach the same goal. That will require some effort and will power as well as taking a chance by everyone, but in the long run it is worth it! We write melodic pop tunes, this is what we are passionate about. We are not a jukebox who can deliver any type of song to anyone, it must be something close to our hearts as songwriters.

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