Good evening Europe! 🎉🎤🎵 Our trip to Malmö Eurovision 2024

Such an amazing time in Malmö Eurovision travelling and reporting as Fan Community Media! In this blog you will follow our journey in Malmö, more information about the show and reviews of the songs, as well as interviews with some of the artists. If you want to interact with us please join our Eurovision quizzes and reels on our social media platforms and day to day stories and photos from our trip. Thanks for following us and our music, and hope you want to join us in the world of Eurovision 2024!

Don't forget to check out all the songs we competed with in national selections for Eurovision during the last 11 years, 67 songs in 18 countries! Thanks for listening and sharing.

We started as fans watching the big Eurovision in the 80's and got hooked into the songs, music, languages and shows and started writing our own songs very early influenced by this. In 2013 our dream came true to compete as songwriters ourselves in a national selection for Eurovision abroad and we have amazing memories from all the songs that took part and especially travelling as songwriters and backing vocalists to different countries during the years. A stepping stone for making us keep going and reach our long wanted goals.

So what do you think about this year's songs? Which song is your favourite?
Here is our review on some of the top rated songs for the final. We think that Serbia is one of the best songs this year, great vibe and style, the type of song we like to compose ourselves.

Croatia Baby Lasagna - Rim Tim Tagi Dim - Rock number with a unique identity, fun lyrics and alot of repetition. It lacks the traditional Eurovision touch but may spark interest because it is different.

Italy Angelina Mango - La noia - Upbeat, fresh, latin sound with some Mediterranean tradition. A nice and likable tune and melody.

Finland Windows95man - No rules - Fun, eurodisco, techno uptempo song which is hard not to enjoy because of the charming and entertaining idea and the mix of drum n bass, rapping and falsetto. However it sounds like an outdated production for this genre.

Ukraine a. alyona & J. Heil - Teresa & Maria - Strong ballad with a message and a prayer to the world about peace for women, traditional Eurovision vibes in the production and some rap influences.

Switzerland Nemo - The Code - Combination of rap, drum n' bass and opera telling a personal story. Enjoying the combination of many music styles, alot of things going on in this song.

Belgium Mustii - Before the Party's Over - Blends different genres to create a power pop track with deep lyrics. Good production and melodies as well as vocals and harmonies.

Greece Marina Satti - Zari - Oriental, latin pop, modern style with Greek, lyrics. Always interesting when traditional vibes are combined with modern elements, but it could be a little more melodic.

France Slimane - Mon amour - Classic ballad about romance and love with good vocals and a nice arrangement in French. 

United Kingdom Olly Alexander - Dizzy - Nice pop tune with great vocals, both traditional and modern vibes, nice arrangements and melodies.

We got an interview with Natalia Barbu, Eurovision Moldova (In the Middle) about the songwriting process and here is what we talked about:

Can you tell us about how this song was written? What did you do as the artist in the process and when did you get involved as an artist?

"In The Middle was written very suddenly and by chance I might say. It wasn't a song created with the aim of competing at the National Eurovision Song Contest in Moldova. Actually, my team told me that this song is very good for Eurovision and I have to try to participate in the National Selection.

As an artist, I did exactly what my heart told me. I didn't set out to make a commercial song, but more a song that conveyed my emotions. So this song I wrote thinking about what I was feeling at the time, and the lyrics and music came naturally and I really hope that the audience feels the energy and message of this song as well. Songwriting is not just my job, I would even say it's more a kind of meditation, relaxation, working with my soul and mind."

Why do you think you won in your country in the national selection? How did you make it happen?

"I think I managed to accumulate a score that made me a winner due to the fact that I created a real story revolving around this song. The set design was special, I brought a lot of feminine energy to the National Final stage, but also a lot of emotion. On top of that, vocally, the song is very good and strong and I'm glad that the jury appreciated that, managing to get 12 points from all jury members."

Interview with Eurovision Switzerland Nemo (The Code):

Can you tell us about how this song was written?
What did you do as the artist in the process and when did you get involved as an artist?
"It was during a Suisa Songwriting Camp"

Why do you think you won in your country in the national selection? How did you make it happen?
"Market Research"

 Interview with recorded video answers from Eurovision Portugal Iolanda (Grito):

The stage in the arena is fantastic and said to be built by one of the best teams in Sweden. We had an exciting day checking the dress rehearsals and reporting from the Media center meeting up with some amazing people. As always we like to dress up in Eurovision outfits to get the bling bling feeling and this time was no exception.

We had a blast checking out the pop-up event ABBA World fifty years after ABBA’s international breakthrough with ‘Waterloo’ in ESC, Brighton. 

Two floors showcasing the past and present of ABBA, back to the 1970’s with the Polar Music Store, iconic outfits from ABBA Voyage, Mamma Mia the Party and more!

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⭐️ Eurovision Malta⭐️  FIREPROOF - LYNDSAY - Spotify 🤜

MOVING ON - Maria Christina - Spotify 🤜

⭐️ Eurovision Moldova⭐️ "BREAK FREE" - Maria Ciolac Spotify ►

⭐️ Eurovision Lithuania ⭐️ SAVE ME - Zivile Gedvilaite - Spotify ►

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