Eurovision 2024 💥 Here we go!

A wonderful ending of 2023 with 4 of our songs competing in Eurovision national selections for 2024! Really happy to be back in Malta, Lithuania and Moldova and hope we have more chances at the start of next year! Proudly looking forward to the TV broadcasts coming up and grateful for those that passed!

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We worked for several busy months 💪😅 approaching songs to around 20 countries (!!) and are hoping for a good result for our diligent work. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU supporting us by listening, streaming, sharing, commenting, liking! ❤❤ Don't forget to make your own REELS, TIKTOK'S and STORIES! Just search for music and Ylva & Linda and add, it's very easy and totally free! 🙏 

⭐️ Eurovision Malta⭐️ We competed with 2 songs in the national selection for EUROVISION MALTA 2024! 

FIREPROOF with LYNDSAY is written by us, Anna-Klara Folin (Melodifestivalen and Eurovision composer, debuting in Malta), Rodrigo Pinto (debuting as a composer thanks to us), produced by Peter Frodin who we previously competed with in Malta Eurovision. 
Spotify 🤜

MOVING ON with Maria Christina is once again a collab with the Maltese lyricist Emil Calleja Bayliss cowritten with us and produced by Janne Hyöty.
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Check out the entry we did with Maria Christina last year here.


⭐️ Eurovision Moldova⭐️ We almost gave up the hope to find an artist this year for Moldova as it has been a big challenge to find someone interested (not sure why?) We've been aiming to compete in Moldova every year and people may think that it's soooo easy to come back when you already competed. But it's quite the opposite, starting from scratch every time. But we are so happy to be taking part with our song "BREAK FREE" and the artist Maria Ciolac produced together with Emil Högberg who is debuting in Eurovision thanks to us. Spotify ►

⭐️ Eurovision Lithuania ⭐️ So happy to share that our song SAVE ME with Zivile Gedvilaite is taking part in the national selection! We worked with her before in Lithuania and it is written and produced by us and Peter Frodin, Paulius Jasiūnas. Spotify ►

Check out the entry we did with Zivile a couple of years ago:


Don't miss the premiere of Welcome to Vinterpride, the official song for Vinterpride 2024 with the artist ADAM! A happy schlager song with Pride theme that we hope will lighten up your day!

So, what else happened during this Eurovision year, what did we change in ways of working? We truly appreciate YOUR help and support with recommending us talented artists and cowriters. Mostly we need to work with cowriters/coproducers from the native country and not just the artist and this year we noticed that we had better chances when we didn't just DIY but got recommendations and worked in teams with others. The old ways were not working anymore. At the same time the deadlines are tighter and we've worked hard for several years to be more flexible and find ways to plan ahead, start earlier and being the driving force. But it's not possible to push if the team is not willing to go in the same direction or see what is needed to reach the goal. We are really good at starting collaborations and getting results, but we decided not to take the the full responsibility to finish every time as it's a team effort and all must do their part. It's a way to find better harmony and balance in our lives but still do everything we can to keep going and reach our goals. As always you have to be committed, determined and have patience. You may have to try for several years (even with the same song and artist!!) and getting rejected over and over again before you suddenly get selected. It all comes down to a good match of song, artist and team but also not giving up.

Wanna know more about us?

We are always looking for YOUR SUPPORT with recommending us talented artists, producers, collabs and connections who are interested to work with us and our songs for Eurovision. We are looking forward to find great team players and reach goals together. We think it's important to have the same drive and vision.

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