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Top 10 Finalist in AfriMusic Song Contest with Everybody

Wonderful news! We made it to the TOP 10 as finalists in the AfriMusic Song Contest 2020 with the artist Leote Taylor from South Africa and our song Everybody! We really appreciate all the wonderful support and votes that we have received during the last weeks that made us reach the 5th place in public votes! It's been a lot of thumbs up from all of you and we are so happy for all the great response for the song and we hope you will keep listening and sharing!  113 contestants from 24 African Countries where fighting for a place to reach the final in March competing in the first round. We were really happy to make it to the final top 30 at the first stage! Last year the winner went to Eurovision to perform, but this year will of course be different because of corona. See results here: The song was produced together with our great team players Rickard Bonde Trumeel and Patric Skog who we really enjoy working with. Le