Health Event with music, yoga, mindfulness and beauty!

At the end of last year we came up with an exciting idea to host our own first event after a few successful co hosted events last year in fashion, art and xmas. Music is our passion, but what if we could combine it with mindfulness, health and beauty? A theme that is crucial in our daily lives. To balance our regular full time jobs with music on Fridays, weekends and evenings, we want to stay healthy and are always looking for ways to feel better.
We had the opportunity to work together with some dear friends that we have known for shorter or longer periods who are very professional in their fields and after a few months of planning it was finally time to make this possible!
In the venue Allaktivitetshuset in Sundbyberg, in our home town we arranged the event "Kropp & Själ" in an old cinema theatre that has been remade for events and meetings for locals. Together with our child choir Rising Star we have been practising singing and dancing during the winter and did a splendid show of performances with our own created songs that were released recently as well as some cover songs with simple moves to get the audience going. After all the theme was HEALTH so we wanted all to get their bodies in action in a light and happy way. All ages were welcome for free so the place was crowded with joyful people interested to watch performances and get to know more about how they could improve their health.

Watch the performances and interviews in our vlogg:

Watch all live performances by Rising Star, Ylva & Linda here:

On this sunny spring day the guests were encouraged to dress in GREEN, take press photos on the green carpet and were invited to try fresh drinks and healthy snacks.


Sara Ekholm is a life coach and medium working with healing who presented her work and told us about her life story. She was definitely the highlight of the evening acting as conferencier during the whole event. What a woman!

Charlotta Berglund showed us how to do yoga, presented bemer and is also a medium, doing massage and animal consulting. 

Shani Panabokke showed acupunture and ayurveda and her daughter Dilini gave us some lovely singing on stage. Karina Tyglare was talking about her work treating mental and physical illness and Anette Blom Thomasson presented healing and beauty for skin and spa.


We preciously hosted several appreciated shows with the choir in Allaktivitetshuset through our registered association Rising Star aimed for music activities with youths up to 20 years old. We received a scholarship in 2017 for our achievements as song coaches and for the cultural life of Sundbyberg. During the last four years we have worked our way up from rehearsing in a class room to turning the school aula into a decorated stage for the whole school to be our audience. 

We had as many as 27 girls in the choir Rising Star from class 1-5 who have all become very confident on live performances on stage and in front of the camera. We love to be their inspiration and see them grow, but being all the roles of the song coach, stage coach, songwriter, event arranger and organizer, music and video producer, sound technician and running a company eventually also takes away the spark we once had, usually having a lot of energy to start new projects. We feel now more than ever that we need more support in the future from our followers, coworkers and to keep running the same pace! We are grateful to the people who are always there for us in this crazy music business! 

Here you can find links to book services from all the great ladies:
Anette Blom Thomasson:
Karina Tyglare:

Shani Panabokke:
Charlotta Berglund:
Sara Ekholm:


Here you can hear the full versions of the songs performed at this event:
Olika men lika:
En helt ny dag:
Dance in flames:

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