Trasdockan 2019 against child abuse

Every year "Trasdockans dag" is arranged as a manifestation to raise a voice for children being exposed to abuse and violence by ATSUB (Amanda Kullenberg) together with Erwik Communciation. 

We had the honour to take part for two years with our child choir Rising Star and this year at Volvo Studio in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm was no exception. Last year we wrote the official song "Fearless" for Trasdockan and now we performed the Swedish song "Olika men lika" that is about how to stay true to yourself no matter who you are or where you are from and it's important for us to spread a message for charity to help the exposed.

The theme this year was gold and yellow so we wore some bling bling dresses and bright colours to light up the evening at this fantastic place with alot of wonderful people doing speeches, performing music, lauging yoga and activities for both young and old.
We had the pleasure of taking press photos with Rising Star and were treated with some light drinks and snacks when hungry! We all especially enjoyed the green tea soda that was served. Met so many interesting and nice people and grateful for those who joined us. 

 What colour of the Volvo do you like best?
 The host of the evening was Annika Dopping, well known Swedish TV personality and also artists as Sebastian Rydgren, Raven Reii, Tanja Dyredand, Maria Westerberg took part.
Lovely yellow roses to all the artists after the performances!

If you are Swedish and want to support ATSUB please donate by Swish 123 694 62 14 for 'trasdockans dag'. Thank you!
Volvo studio in Kungsträdgården

Listen to Fearless here:
🖐️ Spotify:
🖐️ Karaoke:
🖐️ Official music video with Rising Star:
🖐️ Lyric video:
Music, lyrics, production, mix: Ylva & Linda, Tracks of Sweden

Fearless was also broadcasted on SVT Barnkanalen, Lilla Aktuellt on Swedish TV, performed live with Rising Star at the Swedish national day at Golfängarna and at Tuvanallsången in Sundbyberg. The artists were out on a tour to collect money for a good cause and a prize was presented at this event last year for their achievements. 

Do you want to work with us and our music? Check out offers here:
We are looking for young Swedish singers age 8-20 this autumn who wants to do a studio recording of a cover song and also singers for a Christmas show. Please get in touch!


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