New release - Heaven - Anna Book

So happy to finally share with you our latest release "Heaven" with Anna Book that is out on Spotify, Itunes and a lyric video on Youtube! 

We hope you want to check it out and share with all your friends! 💖👄 
Apple music:

Since early spring this year we have started a great cooperation with Anna, the big Melodifestivalen star and icon and we are very happy for the opportunity and that we've reached our first goal to do this release together! 👏 The song "Heaven" is written by Anna herself and Ari Lehtonen and was released in another version with Dr Alban in the 90's and became a popular hit. Now she wanted to publish a remix and we started working on a new arrangment and production, recorded Anna's vocals in our studio and did new backing vocals. Together with Dimitri Stassos we finalized the production and mix and released through our publishing company Twinflame and Universal Music Sweden. It's an uptempo love song with a positive message in a pop/house style.

We're also working on some other secret projects together that we hope to be able to share with you in the near future. 
After doing recordings in the studio we also arranged with a photo session at the last minute for the cover photo and our idea together with Anna was to have a close up photo with a simple and elegant touch. Anna is always such a great artist on photos so it was an easy task to do this on our own and we did the editing and cover as well.

We always have such a great time when we meet and now we've really got to know eachother well. Great friendship and understanding is very important when it comes to music to make it successful. Especially nowadays when it's pretty common to be independent and do your own thing. She has a lovely character as a person and is really standing up for what is right as well as being humble to the people around her. The music business is a wonderful but special world with alot of ups and downs so you need patience to keep up the good work and make things happen. Let's make some magic and give some more love guys! 💓
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