Winners of P4 Nästa Kristianstad

Yes! We won P4 Nästa Kristianstad local radio contest with Zara & Jessica and our song Dansar med vinden, a song with the important message about mental illness that is so common nowadays! Thank you so much for helping us, we are so grateful and happy, it means the world to us! Tonight was the final with live performances at Tivoliparken in Kristianstad, Sweden for P4 Nästa after one month of hard work of promotion and votings.
Listen to the song here:

It all started at the beginning of this year when we received a melody idea from Jessica and we started doing a cowrite together to aim for this competition. We worked on the melody and lyrics and arrangements/pre production and then we involved the producers Niklas and Simon and also the violinist Danne who is also Jessica's husband. After months of work and waiting we finally found out that the song and the artists were selected in April among only 5 finalists! Zara was taken by surprise an early morning at her work where she was broadcasted on live radio. We urgently released the song through our publishing company Twinflame distributed by Universal music and it was out within a week after some nervous days of waiting. Then the voting started and kept going for 4 weeks by SMS that costed 1 kr/ text message and a voting maximum of 10 times. We are so grateful for all the people who helped us voting! We didn't only win, we actually took the voting high score in P4 Nästa Kristianstad as well!

Please keep listening to the song! After all local selections are done 8 finalists will fight for the winning position in the national selection to reach Svensktoppen (radio list) as well as Melodifestivalen! We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will go through to the next step and get to perform in Linköping in August!

A few years ago we also won the local competition in Västmanland with the song Orden hänger kvar i luften with Tilda Anvemyr. We also took part the year before with Tilda and a couple of years ago in Jönköping with the Sweden's got Talent winner Jill Svensson.

As we have relatives and our grandfather came from Kristianstad it was especially exciting to take the winning place on this warm June day! Most of our music talents are inherited from that side of the family and back in the days our great great grandfather actually died when singing "in heaven" in the local church!
Photos from Swedish radio Kristianstad.


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