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This year is soon coming to an end - a year of big contrasts! Suddenly everything has been running fast again after a long period of contemplation, but things are changing again. Do you find it hard to adapt?

Today is our birthday!! 🙌 And we wanted to celebrate it in this blog with some new music and also looking back on what we have done the last month and earlier this year. We are having a nice family dinner today and also a few weeks ago we celebrated both our birthday and our father's birthdays at the same time as they are quite close in the calendar. As twins we never have our own birthday celebrations, but we're of course used to this, as long as we get our own presents!! 😂😁

Our latest release is a Christmas song deluxe! The famous Swedish musical artist and musician stars Gunilla Backman with Kalle Moraeus (also known from Mamma mia The musical, Melodifestivalen and Benny Andersson Orchestra from ABBA) have released the song Tusen strålar with music and lyrics written by us. We are so happy to make this possible after more than one year of working and waiting! Amazing musicians from the tour of "Thank you for the music" recorded live instruments together with the producer Anders Lundkvist and the vocals and mix was done by Bernard Löhr (Benny Andersson's technician) in the legendary ABBA studio where the Mamma Mia Album! was created. We released this fantastic song through Twinflame and Universal and except from doing the cover and release ourselves, we were less involved in the production details this time and really enjoyed having the chance to work with professionals of high class. On Sunday it will be performed live at TV4 Bingolotto, a dream come true for us! Put it on repeat for us, will you? ️
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After almost 2 years without gigs and cancellations we were pretty surprised to suddenly get several invitations for performances. A private company gig at ICA last month was the first and we were blown away! Quite a special feeling to perform in front of a live audience again and to feel the energy filling the room. Extra fun to sing the new ABBA song "Don't shut me down". We had 3 sets with costume changes and wigs (one almost flew away!!) that evening including schlager and disco songs from our repertoire combined with a music quiz by the hosts! People were a bit "corona shy" at the start but at the end the stage was crowded with dancing and singing people! Check out our vlog below to see more from the gig!

We recently released the official song for Vinterpride Lillehammer - Love melts ice with Daniel Mauricio who also did the official Pride song for Stockholm. Check it out on Spotify and stay tuned for the video release and festival in February. We are so grateful for the great teamwork with Lillehammer Pride and for again giving us the opportunity to work on the official song. This time with the cowriter/producer Frans Janousek. Really hope you enjoy this smashing disco ball tune with some witty lyrics and feel like dancing! Hopefully there is a chance for us to perform it at Sthlm Pride with Daniel next Summer!

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit even more why don't you check out our full PLAYLISTS on Youtube and Spotify with lots of sparkling vibes? One of the songs is the great cover of All I want for Christmas is you with Kimberly who has a lovely voice!

We are back again with the amazing Twins Forever doing a remix and video of one of our songs. This time they wanted to do one of our Swedish songs and why not our own Christmas song "Midvintertid"? Check it out on our Facebook and Insta posts and follow us there! The guys are living in LA and people actually asked them if we also live there and if we could do shows together!! It would be an amazing life time experience so keep your fingers crossed for it to be true one day! 😃 You can find our other videos here: 
Had a blast starting up the Christmas spirit this year at the Café Opera VIP Xmas event the other week arranged by the one and only Johan Carlén! Great food, drinks and nice party people and fab celebrities at this unique, well known and fabulous place where royalties enjoyed themselves earlier in the days. Dogge sang a few tunes. Press photo from Cawa Media and Peter Ortvik.

It would be an honour and definitely a goal for us if we were to perform there live some day. Let's see what the Universe has in store. 🙏
Last month we were invited to an amazing Halloween party at the same Café Opera! Scary pic by Cawa media and happy to be featured in Hänt i veckan magazine too! We had so much fun on the dancefloor meeting up all the crazy people!

Did you watch the Xmas live stream we did last year? We arranged it together with Alex Falk and you can watch on Youtube. It's in Swedish but with English subtitles!

Now we are hoping for an interesting Eurovision season 2022 after months of hard work behind the scenes working on submitting to almost 20 countries (!!!) with artists, trying out new teamworks, cowrites and having a million of parallel conversations trying to make things possible and meet the deadlines. We always love to see the result, to work simple, efficiently and with joy while being professional and keeping our signum. Not always easy although we are positive and eager to start new things as we get really disappointed when its not finished and cancelled. We've really done our best and tried in ALL countries open to foreign composers, so please keep your fingers crossed for us! One country - Lithuania - with our song Lioness has actually just been confirmed, so stay tuned for the release and TV performance coming soon!

Wanna check out what else we released this year? Go to our previous articles or check out our channels. A like, comment is always welcome and we will do back if you ask us to! New music is coming at the beginning of 2022 so don't forget to follow, subscribe so you don't miss! Here are a few of the songs we released in 2021 with artists from Idol, Melodifestivalen and the songs we did this year for Pride and Eurovision.

Do you have any suggestions on what you want us to blog about next year? Please comment below!

We wish you a splendid Christmas and a happy new year with your loved ones. May your wishes come true, love and light from your twinnies! 💗💗

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