TV4 Nyhetsmorgon - New single - Rock The World - Gladys del Pilar

This morning we were early birds, setting the alarm in the middle of the night and practising singing to do something really exciting that we have been waiting for such a long time! To perform a song as songwriters live at Swedish TV! 😍 We got the opportunity to reach a big milestone and sing the coproduced single "Rock the world" with the big Mello star Gladys del Pilar at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon that was planned just a few weeks back!! Yahoo! 🙋🙋 Check out the TV performance on TV4 and the single on Spotify → and Youtube!  

Music, lyrics: Kevin Borg & Benny Jansson, Gladys del Pilar Producers: Ylva Linda & Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Jonas Ekdahl. Photo and logo: Karin Törnblom, Stephannie Del Pilar. Cover art: Ylva & Linda
Live TV4 Nyhetsmorgon
Our journey to sing our own (cowritten) song on Swedish TV has not been straight or short, very much the opposite and it is probably not that easy to understand from the outside why it should be difficult or even such a big deal to reach one of these TV shows. As our big passion has always been Eurovision and to reach Melodifestivalen the obvious way was to submit our songs there and wait for it to happen and also take part in foreign countries. That gave us the wonderful opportunity and experience to sing the songs live on TV in a big show and to get the right exposure we are aiming for when releasing music. 

It has never really been about reaching other TV shows outside Mello/Eurovision, hitting the charts or getting big money or being widely famous. The TV recorded event in Mello/ESC format has always been something special since childhood. We had alot of ups and downs along the way trying to release songs outside the Eurovision bubble aiming for Swedish TV that failed over the years. We were really close several times but also hit rock bottom very hard. However we also learned alot along the way and suddenly now we are here and really grateful for having such a lovely experience. We feel it was possible mostly because we are very determined, working hard every day for many years, open minded, driving the projects forward, but it's also about timing, waiting for the right moment and having the right connections and match.

Gladys has always been a big inspiration for us, with her strong and powerful voice and all her Mello classics that are amazing! 💗 We met her in person at an event a couple of years ago, got a great connection and started working on some songs together, where Rock The World is the first one we have released together! 

Hopefully there will be more in the future! Gladys came up with this song idea and we started cowriting by adding new lyrics together and did a new updated arrangement. We recorded and mixed Glady's vocals, backing vocals and Tommy's bass in our studio. We then involved our great producer's team Rickard and Jonas and released the song through our publishing company Twinflame, distributed by Universal. Along the way of different versions and trials it finally got that perfect match of vocals, instruments, production and mix and that extra glow Gladys was looking for. We really hope you enjoy this energetic pop rnb soul song with a clear message of boosting your inner self! Please like, share, comment! It's all about your support and we really love you for being there for us! 💓
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