Year in review 2019

2019 in review! This year is coming to an end and we're going to give all the up's and down's and share all the goodies in one blog post, so let's start! 👍💥💖Just like last year it's been very productive, we met many new exciting people and did a lot of great cooperations and releases! For Eurovision we competed with 5 great songs and managed to reach Serbia as a new country. We released almost 100 Youtube videos and reached 1 million views + 16 singles on Spotify and iTunes. There has been many international TV performances during the years, but now we had another approach and worked very hard to reach Swedish TV for one of our songs and to do the backing vocals live. This has been a long-time goal and dream for us that has seemed almost impossible to reach despite a lot of efforts. We came very close and were on the verge of signing the contract. But due to illness this was unfortunately cancelled which was a hard setback for us trying to reach an important milestone. Then out of the blue came an offer to be backing vocalists for another artist in the same TV program and we got our hopes high again and started planning and rehearsing and booked our trip. But at the last minute this was cancelled too! This truly left us low and we had to celebrate our birthday with heavy hearts and minds. We hope new opportunities will rise around the corner and are grateful for all the wonderful things that passed during this year.
For 2020 we will focus more on creativity and working with like-minded people as this year had a lot of bumps and we made many efforts to reach goals against the stream that left us exhausted. We need to find a better balance as freedom and music lovers to keep the inspiration and skip projects and cooperations that drive us mad while having to be patient and finding an income. Money is not our first priority though, we want our work to be visible, to be seen, public in media and having our music on TV is what we aim for. We are not interested in starting alot of unfinished projects and songs, they should be out and shared with the audience, not in a drawer!! We believe in a good teamwork, always be nice and keeping a friendly tone, showing respect, splitting and sharing the knowledge and royalties and taking responsibility for your part for making it successful. No one but yourself can do the job and by helping others finding solutions instead of being negative, blaming or being narrow minded, we can all take one step further. Next year we may be working more behind the scenes to find our way back to what we feel passionate about. We may not be very good at waiting or being patient and reaching our goals seem to take alot of time,  years, even decades, so we're doing the best we can!! Luckily we already know by now that we have been selected to compete for Eurovision in a new country with one of our favourite songs. We will also release it in our own surprise version. We're always ready and looking for new cooperations in music and also products/influencers, so get in touch with us right away to get a fast reply.
For Eurovision 2019 we had the pleasure of competing in Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia! Vi reached a new country and competed with many songs - 5 - but it wasn't our best year when it comes to results. Thanks to the great teams for making this possible! Bring on 2020! Find all our songs in one list here:
We also released our own short versions in a squared video filmed and edited by ourselves with DJI, mobile phone and a camera stand!
It was a crazy experience to be invited to Filmhuset in Stockholm where we were part of the live TV show Breaking News on Channel 5 Swedish TV doing twin memory! 5 twin couples stood behind slots. The invited celebrities played the game trying to match the right twins by opening the slots one by one. 
We wanted to reach a wider audience with our music and therefore started doing more vlogging and blogging as twinfluencers for travelling, beauty, products etc!
Since 4 years back we are coaching stage performance and singing for the local show choir Rising Star. This year we both managed to arrange with a new venue in the central of Sundbyberg for rehearsals and performances instead of the school in Lilla Alby. We also extending the association to accept all ages! So from now on we accept both children and adults for sessions which we are very grateful for. In April we set up an event to promote better health with both products, services and music performances! So much energy, vibe and attitude in all the live performances on stage. Check out the vlog here: 😍🤩🤗🌞🌟🎵🎶🎼🎤

In May our song DANSAR MED VINDEN won P4 Nästa Kristianstad, the local radio contest with the artists Zara & Jessica. We are so grateful and happy for making this happen! The final and live performance was held at Tivoliparken in Kristianstad, Sweden. Listen to the song here: Spotify:

We also did some great performances together and were happy to meet up in Stockholm at Melfest WKND Party and Club backdoor! We released two more songs with the girls and found new cooperations and musicians to join us. Now we're hoping for more opportunities and reaching our goals together for 2020!

Had a fantastic, warm day in Sundbyberg, Golfängarna during the Swedish National day celebrations, performing "Fearless" and "Olika men lika" together with our children's choir Rising Star. We also performed at a concert in Haninge Kulturhus.
This Summer we slowed down more than usual and on the hottest day we went out camping and swimming and had a great time! See the highlights here!

To raise a voice for children being exposed to abuse and violence we did a performance with Rising Star at Trasdockans dag held at Volvo's showroom singing our song "Olika men lika". We also ended the year with alot of rehearsals, sessions and a very popular performance at the Christmas market in Sundbyberg.

We had the pleasure of being invited as artists to ICA:s big Autumn party at Clarion Hotel in Sthlm and had a blast entertaining ABBA, schlager, disco, 60's hits on on stage! It was combined with a sizzling music quiz held by the hosts. We received so much great feedback and love from the audience of almost 200 guests. Some even joined us on stage so it was an awesome evening! 

Since early spring we have started a cooperation with Anna Book, the big Melodifestivalen star and icon and got the opportunity to release two songs together in only a few months! Check them out below! The song "Heaven" is written by Anna herself and was released in another version with Dr Alban in the 90's and became a popular hit. We recored and published a remix with Dimitri Stassos through our publishing company Twinflame and Universal Music Sweden. It was released in September at the Swedish national radio P4 Extra and also made it to the Spotify New Music Friday Sweden list! From an uptempo love song we went to an acoustic, feel good Christmas song originally released in the 80's with Anna. The lyrics to the song "Ett julkort ifrån dej" are written by Ingela Pling Forsman a well known lyricist from Melodifestivalen. We rearranged the song and did new recordings for the release in November. We hope there will be opportunities to perform the songs live next year!
Feeling so privileged and thankful for being invited to all the awesome events during the year for beauty/health, openings, fashion, Café Opera, restaurants, human rights etc and to have our photos featured in media - Hänt i veckan, Hänt Extra! Find all our photos here:
Wishing you all the best for 2020 and your support means the world to us! Please keep following and streaming, liking and sharing. Without them we would not go on! We are hoping for a prosperious year to come!

If you are a talented artist and want to work with us, please check out our offers of Youtube song release including vocal editing, mix and artwork.

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